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Review & Guide To The World Wide Diamond Guide ebook

This ebook is a brand new release!  The book informs and educates you with everything to do with diamonds.  It's all here in one easy to follow and laid out guide.   This book is packed full of very valuable information especially if you are thinking of perhaps trying to buy a diamond in the near future, be it a diamond ring, diamond engagement ring, antique diamond, diamond earrings, coloured diamond, in fact anything diamond!

So, perhaps feeling a bit uncertain about buying that diamond? I bet you're not alone.  It is natural to have concerns, and a considerable amount of uncertainty, when you are shopping for diamond jewellery.  Statistics have shown that over 41% of all people who have purchased diamond jewellery have visited between 5 and 10 websites prior to their purchase, and an additional 18% have visited over 10 websites before making their selections. Much of their time was researching diamonds. If you are interested in having a single, unbiased source of accurate diamond information, this is the book for you!

This book also provides a “Brilliant” Education (sorry, pun intended!)  It contains an incredible wealth of information which will teach you everything you could possibly need to know about diamonds. Yes, you've probably heard of the 4 C’s and yes they are very important, but there is a tremendous difference between knowing there are 4 C’s and actually understanding them! After reading this book, you will have an intimate knowledge of the universal standards used for evaluating and grading diamonds. You will also gain additional insight on the history of diamonds.  You will learn about the 5th C.  Did you know there was one?  Well, you won’t want to miss this part of the book!

The book revealed truths  and dismantles myths.  Because when it comes to buying diamonds, myths and “urban legends” abound!  For example, you may already know there is a substantial markup on jewellery in general, and diamonds in particular, but do you know the exact range?

Popular urban legends will tell you it is anywhere from 1000% to 2000%. If you have attempted to use the Internet to discover an answer, you will quickly unwrap even more questions; various websites report markup ranges from 50% to 1000%... so, which is it? The answer, as well as many more important facts you absolutely must know, lies within the pages of this ebook. Knowledge is king, applied knowledge is power, especially when it comes to diamonds!

Is it better to buy diamonds online or at a good old fashioned store?  Are you safe purchasing a diamond online? Why are diamonds less expensive from online retailers? Do traditional bricks and mortar stores have an advantage over online retailers? The answers to these and many other questions await the anxious reader of The World Wide Diamond Guide!

Thinking of buying that all important engagement ring?  This book contains a comprehensive yet simple to follow guide to engagement rings.  For many, shopping for an engagement ring is the first time they have truly engaged in the purchase of a diamond (or at least one of significant value). Beyond the concerns surrounding the diamond itself, the ring and the setting for the diamond can also raise many questions.  This book covers all of the settings you will encounter, with some very helpful advice on how to get the best deal possible on your next ring purchase. There is a dedicated section on engagement rings, with special pointers for both men and women.

You will be able to learn the all important negotiation process.  Once you have found the diamond you want to purchase, it is advisable to develop a strategy for making the purchase before talking with the sales representative. The simple, easy-to-use tips found in this book will enable you to save hundreds or even thousands on your next purchase! Additionally, is you are a little hesitant to enter into negotiations, there is even an overview and recommendation of online stores where you will find their lowest prices clearly posted.

Did you know there are stunning alternatives and more affordable alternatives to diamonds?  You'll learn that throughout the past two decades, significant technological advancements have resulted in the creation of new man-made stones which rival a natural diamond in beauty. In fact, some of these new stones are actually superior to a natural diamond in terms of light refraction! You will also find the price is better as well, as they cost anywhere from 8% to 30% of the price of a comparable diamond. This bookI provides all the relevant facts regarding these stones, and even shows you some places where they can be purchased.

Want to be ahead of the crowd and stand out?  The book also tells you about the latest trends in colour.  Pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, black diamonds… are they real? Are they worth the cost? Will their value hold up over time? All great questions! The book's section on coloured diamonds will explain where diamonds get their colour and you will also learn how to tell the difference between laboratory infused colour, and naturally developed colour a difference which can greatly affect the value of the diamond and information that could potential save you a lot of money!

Overall, the World Wide Diamond Guide ebook will provide you with peace of mind.  This book will save you time and money. You will save time by having a convenient, one stop source of information for all of your diamond questions. You will save money (likely a rather significant amount, diamonds are not cheap!) by following the advice in the book! There are also many other topics covered in the succinct, yet extremely informative 57 pages (for example, how to care of your diamond – a great thing to know after you have spent thousands purchasing it!).

In short, unless you have unlimited quantities of time and money, this book is meant for you!

I hope you found this informative.

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