Digital Camera Memory cards

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i recent months the amount of counterfeit memory crads on eBay has grown

the trouble is until you actually recieve your card there is little way of knowing if it is genuine or now

my 4 GIG Scandisk card arrived in a very genuine looking Scandisk packaging and the card itself looked bang on that is until i compared it to a genuine Scandisk card

the label was a very high quality copy but with small differences and there was no writing etched onto the left hand edge of the card as is the case with a gen article he rear label too was very accurate but used the wrong fonts when side by side with the gen article 

with these letters and numbers you can log on to the Scandisk website and activate your warranty

when the card was placed in my camera it appeared to work fine but once pics had been taken they could not be read by a PC etc

the card is useless and action is being taken against the seller

ask sellers to supply the numbers on teh side before buying or supply pics of the card with the numbers visible 

if it sounds to good to be true then chances are it is     


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