Digital Cameras

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Choosing the Right Digital Camera

Digital cameras are everywhere they are cheap and reliable. Digital Cameras are very advanced with smile detection, perfect shot modes you don't have to be an expert to take amazing looking shots.  Below are some simple points to help. 

What do you need

Before you decide on your cameras, have a think about what you want to shoot with your camera.
  • - The type of photos you want to take?  Portraits, landscape or sports?
  • - Consider the conditions?  Indoors, outdoors?
  • - Do you just need a point and shoot camera? or do you need the ability to change advanced setting.
  • - What are the main features you need in a camera?  Large zoom, image stabilization, smile detection?
  • - Do you travel with your camera? Or only take it out on occasions?
  • - How much money do you want to spend?

Do you need anything else

Certain camera accessories can be used across many different digital cameras, for example, memory cards or lenses that you already own may fit your new camera - this may save you some money.
  • - Camera case
  • - Memory cards
  • - Spare batteries/recharger
  • - Lenses
  • - Filters
  • - Tripods
  • - External flash

Mega pixels

Digital camera picture quality relies on the amount of mega pixels the camera has. These days most digital cameras come with at least 8 megapixels.  The difference between 8 and 18 is almost indistinguishable on normal prints or on screen.  If you need to print your photos in large poster size - then you might need a camera with a greater number of megapixels. 

Compact or DSLR

DSLR cameras are bigger, heavier and can be harder to operate. These cameras take amazing shots with there amount of advanced features and setting. Yet the important thing to consider is whether you need a large camera or not? 

Optical & Digital Zoom

If you need good zoom on your camera, the main thing to remember is that the larger the optical zoom, will result in a better image .  Digital zooms only enlarge the pixels in your shot, which just makes the image look blurry and out of focus.


Do research, read reviews on the internet and ask friends to help you narrow down the field
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