Digital Radio Receivers Buying Guide

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Digital Radio Receivers Buying Guide

Digital radio receivers are used by those who wish to be able to listen to DAB+ radio stations in the environment that they were designed for.

Due to the fact that DAB+ radio is designed to be crystal clear, the best way to listen to them is via a home stereo system or a separate pair of speakers that are able to amplify the sound.

There are a number of different types of digital radio receivers available on the market, all of which are designed for use in a variety of different audio settings. These are available on auction sites such as eBay at affordable prices.

Digital Radio Receiver Components

Whilst the components that make up a digital radio receiver are quite simple in comparison to the likes of an AV receiver or a surround sound receiver, it is important to know the features that exist on a digital radio receiver for purchasing one.

Gaining an understanding of the way that digital radio receivers work can help potential buyers comprehend how they work and whether or not it is a viable option for purchase.

Here is a table defining the fundamental user-facing components of a digital radio receiver:

Digital Radio Receiver Components



The display on a digital radio receiver is designed to help users see what radio station they are tuning into.

The display will usually be an LCD screen on the front of the receiver. It will notify the user as to what station is being listened to. One of the benefits of digital radio is that information can be relayed between the radio station and the radio receiver owner. This information may include the name of a song that is being played, as well as contact information.

The screen will also react to changes in volume by notifying the user what volume level the receiver is at.


Digital radio receivers will have a small number of controls in comparison to AV or surround sound receivers.

There will be a volume dial, as well as a tuning dial that is linked to the LCD display. Furthermore, there will be a standby switch, and some digital radio receivers will give the owner the option to be able to set a certain number of pre-sets to their favoured radio stations.


The frame of digital radio receivers range in size. Receivers designed for use as part of a home stereo system are designed very much in the same manner as AV receivers in that they are wide but do not have much height to them. They are designed to sit on the same shelving unit as an amplifier.

Other types of digital radio receiver come in a variety of sizes but most tend to be made from a hard plastic or metal.

Inputs and Outputs

Due to the digital nature of this type of receiver, there are not a large amount of inputs or outputs.

Some digital radio receivers may have an MP3 or USB jack to allow for the playing of audio from these sources. There may also be a video output to allow for the digital radio receiver screen to be displayed on a television screen.

Types of Digital Radio Receiver

There are a number of different types of digital radio receiver available on the market. These different types are designed for use in a variety of different audio playing scenarios.

It is important to know which type of digital radio receiver is required in order to make sure that the purchase is a sensible and cost effective one.

Here is another table denoting the various types of digital radio receiver available:

Type of Digital Radio Receiver


Home Stereo Digital Radio Receiver

Digital radio receivers designed for use alongside home stereo systems require an amplifier and speakers in order to function properly. This is down to the fact that they do not have integrated speakers and only receives the signal, as opposed to amplifying it also.

Digital radio receivers of this nature may have a small antenna in order to help with the receiving of the digital signal. These antenna can be easily removed, a feature that is useful especially if the signal is not particularly clear as a larger antenna can be fitted.

Portable Digital Radio Receiver

Portable digital radio receivers are essentially DAB+ radios. Where they differ is that they do not have integrated speakers, they merely have a headphone jack to allow the user to listen to the DAB+ radio.

Digital radio receivers of this nature are appreciated for the fact that they can be taken anywhere. However, the disadvantages include the fact that the sound quality may not be as high and the digital signal may not always be as strong as a receiver that is permanently in one place. Furthermore, the antenna on portable digital radio receivers is not as strong.

Car-Based Digital Radio Receivers

There are digital radio receivers designed for use in cars, so that users can enjoy digital DAB+ whilst driving.

This type of digital radio receiver is not more compact than others and is designed to be plugged into the car’s stereo system. For this reason, one needs to make sure that the stereo system in the car needs to be compatible with the receiver for it to be able to work.

Car-based digital radio receivers are available at affordable prices on the likes of eBay.

Digital Radio in Australia

Before purchasing a digital radio receiver, one needs to make sure that it is going to be used in an area that can get the DAB+ signal.

Only certain areas of the country can receive a signal strong enough to have a clear and enjoyable digital radio experience. These places include:

-   Adelaide

-   Brisbane

-   Canberra

-   Sydney

-   Perth

It is very much worthwhile checking that a digital radio signal can be received before purchasing a digital radio receiver. If one is planning on purchasing a digital radio receiver outside of these areas, there is always the option to purchase an external antenna which can boost signal, but it is worth doing research on whether or not signal can be received via this method before following through with it.

Buying a Digital Radio Receiver on eBay

eBay has listings for a multitude of digital radio receivers, both new and used. They can be purchased using a variety of different buying options, including the Buy It Now option, the Bidding facility, and the option to make a Best Offer.

All of these buying options are compatible with PayPal and are provided by the site to help buyers get the best price possible for their desired product.

To use these buying options and find the digital radio receivers up for sale on the site, either visit the Deals section or head to the Electronics section of the site. Click on the Audio link and then select the Receivers link on the next page. The final stage is to type in the required type of receiver, for example ‘Portable Digital Radio Receiver’.

If there are any enquiries regarding the transaction of the digital radio receiver, one can always contact the seller directly to ask questions or ask for more information.


There are a number of things to do and consider before purchasing a digital radio receiver. The first of which is to check as to whether it is worth making the purchase in the first place, by making sure that DAB+ signal can be received in the area that the receiver is to be used in.

Secondly, one needs to decide what type of digital radio receiver is required, and whether or not the equipment is owned, or purchasable, to get the best digital radio experience.

With these two things in mind, one should be able to purchase a sensibly priced digital radio receiver in eBay’s secure and cost-effective environment.

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