Digital pocket scales, why they are so popular.

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Digital pocket scales: Why they are so popular.


Searching for a convenient scale that can be taken anywhere you want? Digital pocket scales are perfect for such purposes. Pocket scales are small enough to fit comfortably into your pocket, small pusre or bag. They are use for a variety of applications including jewellery, gold, chemists, chefs, herbalists and hobbiest. Because they are small its maximum weight capacity ranges around 100 to 500 grams however they have amzing accuracy, measuring up to 0.01 gram graduations making the digital pocket scale perfect for most business transactions. They are really handy int he kitchen as well, capable of measuring the smallest, most delicate ingredients used in fine dining. My wife loves her pocket scale and uses it for her culinary adventures.

Digital pocket scales are designed with many hidden features and come in many shapes and sizes. Most have lids or removable cover to protect the the delicate and sensitive parts of the scale, the LCD screen and wieghing platform.

The LCD display is usually small with many of the scales utilizing a blue back lit screen resulting in a clearer, brighter display. There are also touch screen pocket scales available aswell, eliminating the need of buttons. Not only is this feature alot of fun it also saves space allowing more room for the LCD screen and weighing platfrom.

The weighing platform is made of stainless steel  and can be either flat or have an additional mounts depending on the design, make and model. Some pocket scales have detachable plates aswell.

Most pocket scales mainly weigh in grams, Ounce, "ozt" which stands for Troy ounces (used for measuring gold) and "dwt" which stands for "pennyweight" (used for measuring silver) but some have other weighing functions such as "ct" whinch stands for carat and "gn" which stands for metric grain.

Another great feature is the Auto-calibration button which allows you to reset a recalibrate your scales. A calibration weight is required  as it has an accurate weight measuremnert. By simply holding down the mode button and adding the calibratipn weight you should be able to calibrate your pocket easily. Calibrating your pocket scale annually is important to ensure your scale always reads true and accurate.

Digital pocket scales are a great investment for any type of business. They are super accurate, small and light weight making them portable highly acessible. 

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