Dining Chairs: How to select the perfect dining chair on a budget

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A dining room should be the hub of the home, where family members and friends not only gather to enjoy a meal and conversation but also to create memories and form bonds that last a lifetime. As a result the choice of furniture and in particular the choice of dining chairs used in this room is incredibly important to creating a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere that everyone to enjoy.

It is important to consider the comfort of everyone who will be using the chairs when making a decision. This can be a particularly difficult consideration when dealing with adults and children and large height and weight differences. Ensure you take into account the depth and width of your chosen chairs to ensure they are adequate seat proportions to support all family members and guests. Providing a comfortable seat for all shapes and sizes will ensure your family are willing to linger and enjoy the bonding experience that a shared family meal can bring.

The choice of material for your dining chairs is far more than an aesthetic consideration. Your choice of material can have a huge impact on your budget as well as how you use your chairs. For example leather and wood chairs are ideal choices for dining rooms with small children and they can simply be wiped clean. However, if your dining room is a place to entertain adults consider opting for a plush upholstered seating option to ensure comfort for your guests.

Although matching your chairs to your current décor and table is often high on your priority list, consider sticking to dining chairs that are a little more neutral. The beauty of going for this classic and timeless look is the ability to keep the chairs when you wish to change your décor scheme down the track when trends change. The added longevity will save you plenty of money in the long run and allow you to upgrade your look without spending a fortune.

Don’t be afraid of mixing styles, often blending old and new can create an inspiring space that is unique to you. If you like a timeless look antique chairs look fantastic teamed with modern décor and other furniture. Alternatively there are plenty of modern, neutral and sleek looking chairs on the market today that will easily adapt to changing trends. 

We are spoilt for choice with so many dining chairs on the market these days but keeping these tips and guidelines in mind when selecting your chairs will ensure you don’t make an expensive mistake and instead invest in chairs that will last for many years.

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