Dinosaur Cigarette Cards & Trading Cards 1920s-1970s

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Dinosaur Cigarette Cards & Trading Cards (Collectables)

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Dinosaur fossils have been known of for thousands of years. Initially it was thought that they were the remains of dragons or giants killed by the Great Flood. It was not until the 19th century that the study of dinosaurs really took off. These long extinct creatures have now been given a new lease of life through popular culture. Although only a few sets were issued prior to WW2, many trading cards sets were issued from the 1950s-1970s.

I've listed a small selection of dinosaur cigarette card and trading card sets below. I've provided scans of a sample card from each set and tried to include all card titles.


  • Name Of Set: Prehistoric Animals
  • Manufacturer: Edward Ringer
  • Issue Year: 1924
  • Card Number: 25
  • Card Titles:  Allosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Baluchitherium, Brontosaurus, Diplodocus, Eohippus, Eryops, Glyptodon, Hadrosaurus, Ichthyosaurus, Iguanodon, Mammoth, Miolania, Mosasaurus, Naosaurus, Phororhacos, Plesiosaurus, Pteranodon, Woolly Rhinoceros, Giant Ground Sloth, Stegosaurus, Sabre-Toothed Tiger, Triceratops, Tylosaurus, and Uertatherium.

  • Name Of Set: Geological Periods II (S1233)
  • Manufacturer: Liebig Extract of Meat Co
  • Issue Year: 1929
  • Card Number: 6
  • Card Titles: -


  • Name Of Set: Peeps Into Prehistoric Times, Fourth Series (3D Stereoscopic)
  • Manufacturer: Cavanders
  • Issue Year: 1930
  • Card Number: 48
  • Card Titles: Plesiosaurus Macrocephalus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dimetrodon Gigas, Brontosaurus Excelsus, Diplodocus Caarnegil, Brachiosaurus Brancai, Megalosaurus Bucklandi, Rhamphorynchus Gemmingi, Pariasaurus Baini, Centrosaurus Apertus, Ceratosaurus Nasicornis, Corythosaurus Casuarius, Ichithyosaurus Platyodon, Stegosaurus Stenops.Styracosaurus Albertensis, Pteranodon Occidentalis, Hypsilophodon Foxi, Triceratops Prorsus, Iguanodon Bernissartensis, Brachyceratops Montanensis, Cryptoclidus Oxoniensis, Polacanthus Foxi, Scolosaurus Cutleri, and Mosasaurus Camperi.

  • Name Of Set: Prehistoric Animals (Printed Back Without Name)
  • Manufacturer: British American Tobacco
  • Issue Year: 1931
  • Card Number: 25
  • Card Titles: Moeritherium, Cervus Giganteus, Pelycosaurus, Dimorphodon, Iguanodon, Pleiiosaurus, Diplodocus, Ichthyosaurus, Archegosaurus, Archeopteryx, Arsinoitherium, Stegosaurus Jurassicus, Glyptodon, Tylosaurus, Eryops, Dinosaurus, Mammoth, Machaerodos or Sabre Toothed Tiger,  Naosaurs, Allosaurus, Megatherium, Polacanthus, Pariasaurus, Stegausrus Dinosaurus, and Pterodactylus.

  • Name Of Set: Prehistoric Animals, 1st Series
  • Manufacturer: Sunblest Tea
  • Issue Year: 1960
  • Card Number: 25
  • Card Titles: Hyracotherium, Cynognathus, Icthyostegalian, Brontotherium, Eohippus, Coryphodon, Macroplata, Triassochelys, Archaeotherium, Paracyclotosaurus, Mesosaurus, Uintatherium, Rhamphorhynchus, Ophthalmosaurus, Plateosaurus, Acanthopholis, Antrodemus, Amebelodon, Alticamelus, Hypsilophodon, Dimorphodon, Jaymotius, Syndyoceras, Pterichthyodes, and Icthyornis.

  • Name Of Set: Prehistoric Animals, Second Series
  • Manufacturer: Cooper & Co. Ltd. (Tea)
  • Issue Year: 1962
  • Card Number: 25
  • Card Titles: The Hyracodon, Dinoris, Moschops, Stenopterygius, Ancient Bison, Barylambda, Wooly Rhinoceros, Mosasaur, Moropus, Megatherium, Paleeomastodon, Ancient Armadillo, Sivatherium, Smilodon, Giant Gopher, Creodont, Woolly Mammoth, Flying Reptile or Pteranodon, Glyptodonts, Hesperornis or Western Diver, Phororhacos, Titanotheres, Allosaurus, Giraffe Camel, and Brachiosaurus.

  • Name Of Set: Prehistoric Animals
  • Manufacturer: Milk Marketing Board
  • Issue Year: 1963
  • Card Number: 25
  • Card Titles: Sabre Tooth Tiger, Woolly Rhinoceros, Brontosaurus, Glypodon, Diplodocus, Plesiosaur, Scleromochlus, Tyrannosaurus, Trilobite, Polacanthus, Schelidosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Pterodactylus, Eryops, Megatherium, Pteranodon, Iguanodon, Megalosaurus, Mammoth, Stegosaurus, Trachodon , Dinicthys, Icthyosaur, Dimetrodon, and Triceratops.

  • Name Of Set: Age of the Dinosaur
  • Manufacturer: Cadbury Brothers LTD, Chocolate
  • Issue Year: 1971
  • Card Number: 12
  • Card Titles: Dimetrodon, Diplodocus, Hypsilophodon, Iguanodon, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Doedicurus, Tylosaurs, Pteranodon, Acanthopholis, Kannemeyeria, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus.

  • Name Of Set: Prehistoric Animals
  • Manufacturer: Rowntree and Co (Confectionery)
  • Issue Year: 1978
  • Card Number: 18
  • Card Titles: Brontosaurus, Euparkeria, Diplocaulus, Pteranodon, Dimetrodon, Seymouria, Iguanodon, Ichthyostega, Tyrannosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Rhynchosaurus, Triceratops, Proganochelys, Stegosaurus, Moschops, Oligokyphus, Trachodon, and Lycaenops.
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