Direct Deposit Cheque Scam!! (A must read)!!

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Recently i sold a item and a customer paid direct into my account, or so i thought!

On my bank statement on Internet banking, it had the deposit and Name of Depositor, I always ask for Ebay Reference Name but i had no problem working out who it was from anyway, It also had The amount Credited to my account.

What i didnt look at was my Balance and Available Balance, if i had i would have realised something was amiss!

The Ebayer had entered a Branch with who i bank with and written a personal cheque from themselves and deposited that cheque into my account! Now on my listings i dont have the option of Personal Cheque or any cheque for that matter, so was extremely upset when i had found out about this.

As most people would do when seeing a deposit made into there account, I marked the Transaction as paid and sent the Item!

A week down the track...

After this Ebayer has received this item (and never left me feedback!!!! Figured thats the least they could have done) I notice that my bank account has received a fee, i call the bank and find out that a cheque that had been deposited was declined (i didnt even know that i could get a fee for somebodies lack of funds!)So i go through my bank statement trying to figure out what deposit was missing and realised that I had just been scammed by a Ebayer without even knowing!!!

I dont know if this has happened to anybody else but here is some simple tips to help avoid this from happening -
1. Always look at Balance and Available Balance, if these are different find out why!
2. I Recommend asking customers to copy and paste banking receipt in checkout to confirm the payment method.
3. Have PayPal!!!! (though we wont have much choose soon!)

Hope that Helps!!
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