Direct Deposit refund from the Bank?YES IT'S POSSIBLE!

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GIVE IT A GO!! IT WORKED FOR ME!! I'm not sure if this will pertain to international Ebayers as the incident occured in Australia, but here we go.

Recently I won the bidding on an item which didn't actually exist. 2 days after I had already payed for the item via Direct Deposit, at the Sellers bank of choice, I was informed by Ebay that the Seller had been suspended from trading and that they could not supply me with the Sellers personal info as it was false. After repeated contact with Ebay I was still unsure whether or not I would be recieving compensation for my loss.

Unsure of what to do next, I then decided to phone the Manager of the Bank where I had made the payment to see if there was any way they might be able to help me out of this situation. After explaining my problem to him and providing him with copies of all emails (highlighting necessary information) from Ebay regarding the fraud. Then to my surprise he accessed the Sellers Account and was able to cancelled the original transaction, and kindly refunded ALL my money. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!

This process took 3 days but only because the original deposit slip had to be retrieved from Head Office. So you see, there ARE other methods of obtaining a refund on bogus items listed by Sellers. Mind you, it would need to be a similar situation where the Seller had been suspended and you are able to supply the Bank with Official Ebay documents which state that. These documents were the emails that Ebay sent to me personally and contained all the relevant information which was definite proof of the fraudulent activity from Ebay. I gave the Bank Manager every page of every email I sent and received from Ebay so as to disclose nothing. OPEN AND HONEST. If you wish to be selective on the info you give out, make sure you select emails that state:

1. Your name.

2. Proof of Auctioned item.

3. Payment details from the Seller.

4. Bank Account details of the Seller.

5. Suspension notification from Ebay.

6.  Any other relevant information provided to you from Ebay.



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