Dirt Bike Pants Buying Guide

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Dirt Bike Pants Buying Guide

When it comes to buying dirt bike gear, most riders rightly focus on the importance of the helmet above everything else. That is wise because the helmet offers protection from injury and can save the rider's life in the event of a spill. helmet is.

Understanding the type of features available on dirt bike pants as well as the importance of finding the proper fit are important things to keep in mind when buying this important piece of dirt bike gear.

The Benefits of Wearing Dirt Bike Pants

As with other dirt bike riding gear, the pants help to protect the rider from injury. A rider who takes a fall while wearing quality dirt bike pants is more likely to slide across the ground and receive less injury. This is because of special features built into the pants, as well as a design that ensures that they stay in place regardless of how the rider moves.

Another key factor that makes the pants an important piece of dirt bike clothing is the way they protect the rider against the elements. Many pants also include features that ensure the rider's comfort, including design features that allow for easy movement. All of these factors combined have the potential to increase the rider's performance as well as the length of the rider is comfortable spending on the bike.

Important Features Available on Dirt Bike Pants

Besides being durable and weather resistant, many quality dirt bike pants also offer a number of other key features. These features enhance the comfort of the garment as well as the protection that it offers to the rider. Each brand and type of pant is different, so be sure to know which features are most important for the specific rider and choose pants that include these features before considering colour or other aesthetic options.

Protective Panels

Many dirt bike pants include extra layers of material, often Kevlar or other highly durable fabric. These panels are sewn into the garment at specific areas were more protection is beneficial. The inner knee and thigh area often have these extra layers to guard against chafing and the heat from the dirt bike motor. The hip and outer leg may have them to help ensure that the rider safely slides across the ground in the event of a spill. These extra layers of durable fabric allow the pants to take very rough treatment without tearing and exposing the rider to injury.

Built-in Armour

In order to offer even more protection, besides the extra layers of materials, many pants also include built-in armour placed at strategic locations, typically at the knee. Some also include such protection for the hips as well. This armour is firmer than the rest of the garment and needs to rest comfortably in the proper position when the pants are on the rider. If it does not, the discomfort can affect the rider's skills. Because of this, it is important to choose well-fitting pants to ensure that such features fall in the proper places on the body. This is the major reason that choosing the right size pants for the biker is so important

Vents and/or Thermal Lining

Dirt bike riders often enjoy riding year round, which means that versatile pants that can be worn in all weather conditions represent added value. Many versions have strategically placed vents that the rider can unzip to allow for extra airflow on warmer days. Some also include a removable lining to be worn during the cooler months.

Choosing the Right Size

The fit of a pair dirt bike pants is very important. It is not enough simply to choose a pair that should fit based on the wearer's current jean size or other common measurements. Most dirt bike pants have features built into them that are intended to lie on the body at a specific spot and choosing a wrong size can not only result in an uncomfortable fit, it can also affect the amount of protection these features are able to provide.

Women's Sizing Chart








Waist (inches)













Men's Sizing Chart:








Waist (inches)

27 to 29

29 to 31

31 to 33

33 to 35

35 to 37

37 to 39

Inseam (inches)


30 to 30.5

30.5 to 31

31 to 31.5

31.5 to 32

32 to 32.5

The manufactures of the pants have size charts specifically designed to help the rider choose the exact right size. These size charts typically ask for waist, inside leg, and possibly hip measurements. Take the waist measurement at approximately the rider's navel. Take the inside leg measurement from the inside part of the ankle bone to the highest part of the groin region. It is wise to take these measurements at the time of the purchase to ensure that they are current and thus be certain to get a good fit.

How to Buy Dirt Bike Pants on eBay

It is possible to buy quality dirt bike pants in a number of places, including cycle shops, sporting goods stores, and online marketplaces. eBay offers the consumer extra value because the selection is so broad and the prices are generally very competitive. A rider can easily use the search bar on every page to find all the gear required for dirt bike riding. Simply type in relevant keywords, such as "dirt bike pants" to bring up a list of all the options available. It is even possible to find pants, gloves, boots, and helmet all bundled together. Buying all of the gear in a bundle is a great way to save money. Shopping eBay Deals is another way to save.

Dirt bike pants are an important part of riding equipment. A rider is wise to take care when considering the available features of each of the different pants and when choosing the proper size.

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