Discover The Beauty Of Wedding Engagement and Vintage Rings

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The engagement time is a special moment for most people, which involve selecting the perfect engagement ring so that the occasion becomes extra special. Engagement rings come in different types so you can choose properly but if you want an unrivaled type of engagement ring – a vintage engagement ring is a great choice to start with. Vintage jewelries have the authentic and classic beauty and elegance that can spice up the occasion. There is no better way to make your loved one feel like a celebrity than presenting her a stunning vintage engagement. Chances are she will show off the ring you gave her during your engagement party, which she will cherish for many years. If you decide to go for a vintage ring – whether engagement or wedding, this means that you are getting a very special piece of jewelry with unparalleled charm. This vintage ring could even become your hand-down jewelry from generation to generation as its beauty remains frozen in time.

Choose from Various Vintage Ring Types

There are wide varieties of vintage rings available for you to choose the right one for your engagement. These fabulous rings may be made from different metals including gold, platinum or silver and some of them are adorned with classic diamonds or other types of precious gems. You will see that the rings are designed intricately thus allowing you to look at their beautiful and special appeal – especially when you are going to use it as your engagement ring. The rings have been crafted by artisans and created highly durable and resilient to guarantee its timeless beauty and elegance for all the years ahead. Vintage rings are available in various styles – which mean to say that there will always be one that will suit your preference, needs and your budget. Your engagement party including your proposal will be extra special and more memorable if you choose vintage rings. The characteristics and quality of these rings are over the top – which you will find thrilling.

Get Value for Money as vintage rings are affordable and high quality – two worlds you get to taste when you choose vintage rings.

Your wedding proposal does not necessarily mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket just to get a vintage ring. The rings can provide value for your money – without compromising style and quality. You can enjoy its timeless beauty and high quality without spending too much unlike in other engagement rings. Vintage rings are sometimes sold at prices that are real bargains and at extremely discounted prices – so make sure you watch out for these rings. More often than not, you will find relatively inexpensive vintage rings especially when you shop online. You can easily shop around for vintage rings that will suit your budget and preferences by browsing through online catalogues. These vintage rings boast quality, timeless elegance, charm and authenticity in style hence keeping your engagement extra special and more memorable.
18K Gold GP Swarovski Crystal Princess Cut Women Engagement Ring R185
* Made with Swarovski Crystal
* 18k gold plated with stamp 18k RGP, nickel free & hypoallergenic!
* Main princess cut square stone: 6mm(L) x 6mm(W)
* Stunning paved crystal top square design: 10mm x 10mm
* Width of ring band: 1.5mm - 2.5mm(widest)
18k Rose Gold GP Swarovski Crystal Green Emerald Wedding Ring Band R40
* Made with Swarovski Crystal
* 18k rose gold plated with stamp 18k RGP, nickel free!
* Beautiful round green emerald Swarovski Crystal: 4mm diameter
* Mix vintage spirit with Swarovski glamour, the real item is more beautiful!
18K White Gold GP Swarovski Crystal Diamond Silver Engagement Wedding Ring R5
* Made with Swarovski Crystals
* Central stone: 7mm diameter, side stone: 2mm diameter
* The most popular lady's ring, one of the timeless design!
* Makes a statement of style and elegance, great for any occasion!
18K White Gold GP Swarovski Crystal Engagement Wedding Eternity Ring Set R171
 * Made with Swarovski Crystals
* 18k White Gold Plated & Nickel Free with Stamp 18k RGP
* Main Stone: 5mm diameter; Side Stones: 1.5mm diameter
* the real items are more sparkling and beautiful!
* Engagement Wedding two Ring Set!
* Elegant style and timeless design, perfect for any occasion!
18k Gold GP with Swarovski Crystals Wedding Engagement Ring R8
 * Made with Swarovski Crystals
* 18k gold filled, nickel free and hypoallergenic!
* Width of the ring band: 3mm; Crystal size: 1.5mm diameter(each)
* The whole ring decorated with 38 pieces of clear Swarovski Crystals!
18k White Gold GP Swarovski Crystal Wedding Engagement Silver Ring R54
 * Made with Swarovski Crystals
* 18k White Gold Plated with Stamp 18k RGP! Nickel Free!
* Sparkling top square design: 12mm(L) x 12mm(W) x 8mm(Hight)
* Central stone: 9mm diameter, side stones: 1-2mm diameter
* Love love love it! A fabulous and unique creation for elegant women!
* Deco mixed with the modern glamour of Swarovski Elements!
* Super quality & never out of date! Great for any occation!
18K White Gold GP Clear Swarovski Crystals Wedding Band Eternity Ring R92
 * Made with Swarovski Crystals
* Thickness of ring band: 3mm(max) - 1.5mm(small)
* clear crystal: 2mm each
* Swarovski unique cutting, the real item is more beautiful!
* A truly wardrobe essential, perfect for any occasion and easy to match with any rings!
Classic 18k Gold GP Wedding Engagement Ring Swarovski Crystals R186
 * Made With Swarovski Crystals
* 18k Gold Plated with stamp 18k RGP
* Sparkling stone: 6mm diameter
* Ring band width: 2.5mm
* One of the popular designs for lady's collections!
* Elegant style, simple & classic, never out of date!
* Super quality, you will LOVE it!
18k Gold GP Wedding Engagement 3 Ring Set Swarovski Crystals
 * Elegant 18k white gold plated silver tone with stamp 18k RGP
* Made with Swarovski Crystals
* Main stone: 7mm x 7mm, side stones: 1.5mm diameter
* Width of each ring band: 3mm, total 9mm width for three bands
* Swarovski unique cutting, the real items are more beautiful and stunning!
* Pay one price for wedding engagement eternity three rings set! Perfect for any occasion!
18k White Gold GP Swarovski Crystals Wedding Engagement Silver Ring R67
* Made with Swarovski Crystals
* 18k white gold plated with stamp 18k RGP, nickel free!
* Sparkling main stone: 5mm diameter; side stones: 1.5mm diameter
* One of the most timeless-design lady's rings, simple & classic!
* Love love love it! Make a statement of style and elegance!
* An unique creation with the modern glamour of Swarovski Elements!
* Super quality & never out of date! Great for any occation!
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