Discworld Paraphernalia

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Things pertaining to the fictional world created by Terry Pratchett are highly sought after by fans, and can be very collectable. Here are some tips on what to look for when you're buying Discworld books or collectables to ensure you're getting value for money.

The Books
With the advent of the new 'boring' covers (they are black with gold print), the old colourful, Kirby, British/Australian released covers are becoming more sought after. Kirby's last cover was the 25th book,  The Truth - so beware listings of later books that claim to have Kirby's artwork on them.

Hardbacks are also more valuable. Pratchett regularly holds signings, as well, so signed copies of books are not uncommon on eBay. There is a joke amongst die-hard fans that Pratchett holds so many signings that unsigned books are almost more valuable - this is not the case. Worth even more are those books which bear not only the famous scrawled signature, but also a book-centric note, such as "Ook!" or "Go Postal!"

Extremely rare and collectable are the Unseen University editions of the books - bound in leather - as both a reference to the university in the books and a long-lasting, collectable item in its own right.

Various satellite books exist around the original discworld novel series. There are currently 31 discworld novels for adults, and several written for a younger audience- the Tiffany Aching Series, Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, and The Last Hero ( a picture book). Aside from that, there are diaries, maps, 'Nanny Ogg's Cookbook' and companion books (of which there are currently two editions).


Started to appear with the release of the novel 'Going Postal', they show various icons of the Disc.Are mostly limited editions and will probably appreciate in value. Best source on valuation/collectability is the maker's website - as well as which collections are sold out. http://www.discworldstamps.co.uk/html/home.php . It is said that some of the hand-perforated stamps were made by the author himself.

Generally, Clarecraft or the Cunning Artificer makes are collectable. Beware listings of more generic items that might represent characters. You could, potentially, pick up a $2 Grim Reaper Statue at a novelty shop, but it's unlikely to be collectable. The Clarecraft models are generally made with very close consultation to the books, so look carefully at any models being listed, and if in doubt, ask.


There were several adventure games written for PC which are now quite difficult to find: Discworld 1, Discworld II, and Discworld Noir. Some were also made for PS1. Not necessarily collectable, but certainly sought after and a lot of fun.

There's also a 'Real' game, similar to chess for Discworld fans, called 'Thud'. Most Thud sets are made of heavier materials and are relatively indestructible.
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