Dishonored (Video Game)

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I am reviewing the video game 'Dishonored'. To anybody who knows the game, it's a first person action/story game, and there is a plague infecting humans which come from rats. It's up to you to assassinate all these big people and to murder people with the plague (basically infected humans). You use all different powers and stuff like teleporting and throwing lightning etc.

So, we all know that video games can be hyped up way too much. So I was walking through the shops, and my boyfriend had about $50 on a JB-HiFi Gift Card. He hyped up Dishonored as being a great game and that he should buy it. That he did. We took it home and he started to play it. 

I don't know why it has the ratings that it does, because I think the gameplay is terrible. It was rated 9.5/10.  I was disappointed on Graphics and Gameplay. 

The graphics were so disappointing. It was a mix of Farcry 1 with some horrible filters layered over the top. I was expecting them to be so much better like you see on the cover. I started to complain to my boyfriend who was playing "These graphics are terrible, I have played way better games that this." After the game, he agreed. So terribly edited and constructed. I think this was the most disappointing part. But, they aren't as bad as I'm making them out to be, so please, don't be hesitant to play.

Don't even get me started here. I think you spend more time in the power wheel than you do shooting people in the actual game, trying to change between weapons/powers etc. I was watching my boyfriend play, and dear lord, he was switching between the lightning bolt and teleport action every 5 minutes. I never really wanted to play this game, or watch him play any longer. Overall, I think the gameplay is okay. If you didn't spend so much time on the power wheel (what I call it) then the game would be excellent.

It has the Farcry gameplay and graphics, with a bit of zombies. I feel that the game could have been so much better.
My rating is a 5/10. I think people need to stop hyping this game up because in my opinion it's not as great as everybody says. 

PS: Invest in Halo 4. A game I have barely found a flaw in. :)
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