Disney Pixar Cars, the genuine items from the fakes !!

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When I started selling Disney Pixar Cars items on ebay I would say that the majority if not all items listed on ebay by ebay sellers were genuine. Unfortunately as with most popular labels, the fake items start being listed by truck load and unsuspecting buyers are the ones who end up losing.

Below I have included photos and tips to look out for when planning to purchase Disney Pixar Cars clothing. The fake items are not worth the money, they don't last as long and are of a poor quality. Why waste your money buying non genuine Cars items that are sure to disappoint when they fall apart in the first wash ???!!!

Tip 1) The genuine Disney Pixar Cars clothing item has a red label with the Cars logo and above that there are the words 'DISNEY presents a PIXAR film'.

Tip 2 ) On the reverse side of the red interior label there is the patent logo Disney/Pixar.

Tip 3) Some of the non genuine interior labels are good, they look similar, are red in colour with the Cars logo but do not have the patent trademark Disney/Pixar on the reverse side.

Tip 4) Some of the non genuine clothing articles have very obvious fake tags attached. One example I have seen on ebay has an orange label not red and has 'Super Sen' on both the interior label and the attached store tag. There are quite a few of these currently listed so see the third photo below.

The Super Sen fake Cars items WILL fall apart in the wash and the prints peel off leaving a poor quality plain t-shirt which will surely disappoint any little Cars fan.

If you are uncertain then ask the seller if they can provide both front and back photos of the interior label. If they refuse, then think twice as a seller of genuine Cars clothing would surely be more than happy to provide the proof.

I hope I have helped out a bit, I hate to see buyers waste their hard earned money on garbage.


Genuine Disney Pixar Cars clothing item, front of label

Genuine Disney Pixar Cars clothing item, back of label

Non genuine, non authetic, non licensed fake clothing item, orange interior label and orange Super Sen tag attached. NOT Disney Pixar Cars.....beware of the fakes !!

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