Ditch plastic bottles - Switch to BPA free bottles

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Plastic bottles can be harmful to you and your childrens' health.

Plastic water bottles as we know them can be in fact, harmful not only to the environment - but also to the health and well being of ourselves and our children. It's a known fact that the most of the plastic water bottles that we purchase from supermarkets and convenience outlets contain chemicals, known scientifically as: BPA and phthalates. These chemicals leach into the water or juices contained in these bottles - which is not doing us a great deal of good.

Here's more bad news,  especially for kids;  plastic bottles containing fruit juices have also been linked to higher doses of these nasty chemicals,  due to the action of the fruit acids reacting with the plastics!

What's even more disturbing is that in high doses, these chemicals have been linked to birth defects and altered hormone levels - also worrying are the effects that these chemicals may have on the development of young children who readily consume the contents of plastic bottles.

Now lets tackle the issue of the environment

Some environmental concerns with plastic bottled water include:

      * It takes 10 litres of water to make a 1 litre disposable plastic water bottle    
      * 200ml of oil goes in to the production of a 600ml disposable plastic water bottle    
          Not to mention the $ cost : Australians spent about $500 million on bottled water in 2008,
a 10 per cent increase on 2007.

      When you reduce the usage of bottled water you're not just saving the environment, you're also saving your wallet at the same time.

      Here's another interesting $ cost fact:
              Australians' pay twice as much for a litre of bottled water than they do for a litre of petrol!
            The bottled water industry has managed to convince people that bottled water is somehow pure or better for you than water you drink out of the tap - which is nuts as we have amongst the best tap water in the world.

How can we make a difference to our health and the environment?

It's easy - start by ditching the plastic and switching to BPA free bottles instead!

Thank you for your interest in our article

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