Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

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Yes they do, at least that’s what all of our customers tell us. Technically speaking the negative ions that comes from heated Salt Crystals work as stress reducers, improves focus and increase energy while removing dangerous electromagnetic rays or fields that are emitted from computer equipment within the household. Himalayan Salt Lamps offer a naturally and environmentally friendly solution to bring cleaner, fresher air by removing dust and other particles that carry dirt and organisms through the air. Now the family can breathe fresh cleaner air as Himalayan Salt Lamps continue to light the home.
Mined from the foothills in the mountains of the Himalayan Mountains, its all mined by hand and rigorously formed in a mold to fit to a lamp so that a light or a candle can be placed within the formation. These salts contain over 84 natural minerals, which are known for their amazing healing benefits. Free from pollution and modern industrialization, keeping them naturally pure and rich. Many have given testimony to the many health benefits and abilities of the salt crystals. From many civilizations they have reported in improving immune system function, alleviate chronic lung diseases, improved breathing for sufferers of asthma and allergies and an enhanced sense of calmness and well being.
As each of the Salt Crystals comes in unique colors and shapes, as they are hand chiseled but some artists have evolved into a more artistic carving that shows their artistic ambience and creativity.  Whatever form or as simple as it comes, these salts appear therapeutic in nature and rich in minerals therefore making them an excellent investment for your health the natural way.

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