Doctor Who Collectables

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Doctor Who is more than just a television show, it's a world-wide phenomenon which has been entertaining viewers for nearly 50 years. Over the years some interesting and valuable collectables have become available, which may or may not be worth heaps!


Most Doctor Who items are worth a fair bit of money, as there are so many Doctor Who fans out there who will want them! But it all comes down to how common they are and what condition they are in. Here is a rough guide to what's hot in Doctor Who Collectables!

Books: Most of the Target novelisation books are worth very little as they have been mass-produced and reprinted a zillion times. Most are only worth a few dollars each. But some are limited editions, withdrawn from sale or First Editions. Couple that with a book in Mint Condition and you may have something worth a tidy sum!

As for other Doctor Who books, there will always be a market for them. Much like with the videos, many Doctor Who fans will try to get complete collections of books.

Doctor Who Videos: Most Doctor Who fans aim to get a complete collection of the official BBC released videos - so there will ALWAYS be a market for them. Some don't sell for much - others are Limited Editions or Ultra Rare and can be worth several hundred dollars!

With Videos, things to look for are:

  • Is the tape and case in good condition? Is it sealed?
  • Is it a special edition release? (eg: Shada, The Ice Warriors etc)
  • Has the title recently been released on DVD? (If so, you may have difficulty selling it)

Action Figures / Models: The "Dapol" brand of Doctor Who figures are quite valuable and rare, mainly because very few remain MIB (Mint Condition in Original Box - Unopened) - but the opened figures (even without their packaging) have been known to sell for quite a tidy sum too.

Original "Louis Marx" Dalek toys from the 1960's are worth a FORTUNE to collectors - especially if they are in Mint Condition or have original packaging.

Most officially released toys and models are good sellers on eBay, and will always have some interest to collectors.

Items from the 1960's: Doctor Who was massivly popular in the 1960's - which saw the release of hundreds and hundreds or collectable items, from toys to tea towels. The Daleks featured prominantly on most of these items, but other Doctor Who monsters and characters where also given their own merchandise lines which are quite rare these days. Any books, board games (regardless of condition) or toys are worth big bucks to collectors.  

Magazines: Over the years there have been thousands of official and unofficial magazines released about Doctor Who. Most are not worth a lot individually (with the exception of First Issue editions of the official magazines) but can make some money when sold as bulk lots.

Unofficial Items: Be very careful when selling unofficial Doctor Who items, as this may infringe on various Copyright laws. As a good rule of thumb, avoid selling unofficial videos, clothing or photographic items.

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