Does Your Perfume Smell Different To Last Time?

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Have you ever purchased a new bottle of your favorite fragrance and cannot seem to shake the uncanny feeling that it smells a little different? 

Fragrance is part of your identity, and can offer a sense of allure and mystery. It can be one of the 
things a person remembers about you, and just a whiff of your scent can have them recall your face, your personality, and the times you’ve spent together. It can be an excellent weapon in your arsenal of seduction. 

But what if your favourite scent changes? 

Dollars and Scents 
Unfortunately fragrance houses sometimes find it necessary to rework even the most timeless and popular of fragrances, despite the fact they have a broad and loyal following. This might not make “scents” to the consumer, but there are many reasons your favorite fragrance house might make the choice to reformulate including: 

Sometimes a fragrance house may be using an ingredient that suddenly becomes 
taboo. For example it might be something that has been shown to create a severe allergic reaction in some consumers. Continuing to use the ingredient places the perfume house in breach of the regulations of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) – leaving them no choice but to reformulate. 

New fragrance trends can make an older formulation become less desirable and seem 
passé. A reformulation will allow a classic fragrance to maintain its status while changing it just enough to appeal to new customers. This allows long-time users to continue to indulge in tried and true products, while introducing classic fragrances to a new generation of consumers. 

Creating a bottle of fragrance is very involved and the amount of ingredients required might surprise you. In some cases a certain ingredient might become too expensive yet the company needs to find a way to keep the fragrance on the shelf. 

Costs are often cut by using cheaper ingredients, in many cases replacing fresh ingredients with artificial. This can have an impact on the scent of your favorite fragrance, yet not be noticed by a new customer. 
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