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I am an avid eBay fan...just thought I'd start out with something positive! When I first hooked up with eBay, I just couldn't get enough. I was pretty poverty stricken, what with being a student and all, but searching through all the stuff was heaps of fun! So much so that I thought that it would be even more fun to list some of my own nick-nacks and old clothes and earn a bit of extra dosh. I couldn't believe how well I went in the first couple of weeks or so - my Mum kept on joking with her friends about how much people were paying for my old clothes! I think sale that she thought was the funniest was a pair of old cargo shorts that had a blue paint stain on the front. Mum thought that no-one would buy them, but she was wrong [Jenni - 1, Mum - 0]. I ended up selling them for $5 + shipping, so I suppose the saying stands..."One man's trash is another man's treasure"!

The only disappointing experience in my eBay selling career, and the one that I would like to warn other sellers about, was the sale of a pair of JAG long and lean denim jeans. They were in pretty good nik, some hem fraying on the bottom [Note to self: Roll up hems of jeans!], and a fairly standard size 12 [which is a US size 8]. I of course, being the responsible seller that I believe I am, made this pretty clear in the item description, however I didn't mention that they had a US size 8 tag on them -  I only put in the Australian sizing [seemed logical to me seeing as I was only selling to Australia]. Well, low and behold, the jeans were sold to some lady who proceeded to complain that the jeans were too small and that they were a size 8 and not a size 12! This is obviously because the tag had the [clearly labeled]US 8 size, as they had been from America.

I ended up getting some quite irate emails complaining that I had deceptively advertised the jeans with the wrong size, and for a while I started to think that maybe she had been right! I couldn't remember what the tag said because I hadn't taken photos of the tag, so I assumed that she was being truthful in her complaints and sent her back a refund and even included a pre-paid postage satchel. When I got the jeans back I realised that I had given the correct sizing and measurements, which I had confirmed on an internet conversion table. I swear I'm about to make a point, so bear with me.....

POINT OF THE STORY: It is really hard to buy clothes over the internet. I myself have bought some things that seemed all right in their descriptions and measurements, and just didn't fit properly on arrival. It's really really really important that photos, descriptions and measurements match the item as accurately as possible, however even if you do this, there are still going to be people who buy clothes knowing that they are too big or too small for them, and try and get a refund on them when they don't fit.

It's also important to remember that a buyer [who might also be an avid eBay user, buying heaps of items all the time] might not have the time or patience to send a dozen questions on the finest details of each item. It might also be a matter of time - if an item is ending soon that you only just found, but you want to ask something about it, there might not be enough time to ask and wait for a response before the end of the auction. So I think it's also very important to be thorough in the descriptions. If you are only inserting a photo of the front of an item, describe the back of it in details. I once bought what I thought was a really nice top that only had a front picture, and the description said that it was buttoned down the back. I thought this would be fine, so I didn't bother asking any questions, but when I received the item it turned out that it was a home-made top that had really crap plastic buttons down the back that made it look really cheap. In this scenario, I think it would have been appropriate to say "white plastic buttons", rather than "buttons" - try not to leave things open to interpretation in the description cause I think that's where people often get disappointed.

The other thing is if you are listing an item of clothing [or anything else for that matter] that has some damage or imperfection, take lots of up-close photos of it prior to selling. This means that if you state in the item description that there is damage to the item, and people question this, you are able to send them detailed photos. Further to this, if the item sells, and there is a complaint made about the extent of damage once the buyer has received the item, you can judge their complaint against your own set of photos. This means that they will be caught out if they try and exaggerate the damage in order to get a refund, when the real problem is that the item doesn't fit properly, or they changed their mind about the item after the sales transaction was complete.


I know that I have blabbed on for a while, but I hope that these examples might help, even just a little, when you are selling clothes on eBay! Lot's more specific information will be available from eBay directly to help with writing item descriptions.

Happy Selling [and Buying]!!!!!!!!!!!!

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