Does the Miracle Blade Actually Work??

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I'm sure a lot of you have seen the TV infomercials for the Miracle Blade. It claims to cut through wood, metal, etc while still retaining their optimum sharpness. The complete set of Miracle Blades was only $130 which i thought was a reasonable price for a set of about 10 knives in which each different knife had been designed to do a specific job.

A good knife alone can cost over $150 so i thought to myself that there isn't much to lose with purchasing a complete set in comparision to buying a singular knife.

So i ordered the miracle blades, and one week later they arrived.

I had seen the videos of being able to cut completely through a pineapple with one slash of the knife, which inclined me to try it. So after purchasing a pineapple, i got my 'all purpose' miracle blade and slashed away. To my astonishment, it Actually Worked!!! It was one of the most intriguing uses of a knife in my whole life.

Even many weeks later, the knives are still sensational and have made everyday kitchen duties much easier.

Therefore, i highly recommend purchasing a set of Miracle Blades!     

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