Dog Food - Give Your Dog a Fresh & Natural Change

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Dog Food - Give Your Dog a Fresh and Natural Change

My name is Steve Gaskin and I’m also a doglover! Now – let me state clearly and up front – I am very much, ANTI most commercial dog food!

I sincerely believe that MOST commercial dog food - there are exceptions - is pretty poor quality, and recent and past stories of dog food contamination, will support those claims!

I really do care about dogs – so lets see if I can’t get your dog even just a temporary reprieve from a life sentence of what really amounts to trash in a can or tasteless kibble made from waste products? What if – you just gave your pooch a couple of days a week where you let him off?

And since you like convenience – I’ll make it just about as easy as opening a can?

Try this – purchase a couple of the big home brand cans of salmon, tuna or mackerel from the supermarket. If you have access to a catering supply store, you’ll be able to get bigger cans, REALLY cheap and might even find sardines in tomato sauce in large cans. Most dogs LOVE canned fish and there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s an excellent source of protein, vitamins and loaded with minerals – AND there are no preservatives, its simply cooked in the can!

Now also pick up a couple of 500g or 1 pound packets of rice, one white and one brown! Follow the microwave directions on the packets and cook enough rice for 2 days - generally 1/2 cup each white and brown for medium sized dogs - this will only be 1 serve/day for large dogs and might last 3 or 4 days in the fridge for the little guys.

Allow the rice to cool – then open the can of tuna, salmon or mackerel, drain off the brine or oil and mix with the rice, toss in some cooked chopped spinach too if you have it? Feed that to your dog a couple of days a week – he or she will love you for it!


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