Dog Food - What's So Bad About By-products?

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Dog Food - What's So Bad About By-products?

I'm glad you asked - byproducts are a pet hate of mine - well really, they are not only my pet hate, but are frowned upon by anyone who cares about what they feed their dog! The reason for this is their source!

Meat By-products, or Beef By-products or Meat meal or Chicken or Poultry By-products or meal - are the unwanted wastes leftover from slaughterhouses and animal processing plants! They are a super low cost recovered protein source that can be made from anything including: trim considered unfit for human consumption, diseased animal or poultry carcasses, animal hooves and feet, feathers, hide and even hair! The truth is anything they like - can and does go into it!

How do I know? Well, many years ago I got to see inside a Protein Recovery Unit as it was called. This one facility, was designed to produce a protein rich powder from the waste created by a series of poultry processing plants. The aim was to save money by using the waste to make a saleable protein powder which could then be used to boost the protein levels of stock and pet foods.

While I can appreciate the need to deal with the waste that we humans create by killing masses of chickens for food; I saw the condition of the putrid waste chicken heads, feet and feathers they used and I DO NOT want any dog of mine being forced to eat such a - well - rubbishy food source!

I mean we use the term garbage in - garbage out - and I sincerely believe that what we get when we buy pet food made from this stuff, is an inferior quality food! And it's not like it's cheap - we can and DO make food of a FAR HIGHER quality ourselves, for a FRACTION of the cost of their stuff!

So - without ranting all day - please be an informed pet food consumer - read the labels and be on the lookout for these cost cutting methods - and buy the best you can afford! If you can't afford much - then use some of your free time to save money and maybe even lengthen your dogs life - make your own!

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