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Our Boxer is part of the family so I am always interested to know what is bad or dangerous/poisonous to dogs. Information below is not a complete list of all known toxins/poisons.

There are some human foods that contain certain chemicals which can be deadly for dogs.

The following are bad or poisonous:
  • Chocolate. Cocoa powder and cooking chocalte are the most toxic. Semi-sweet chocolate and dark chocolate. The smaller the dog the smaller the quantity needed to make them sick. Can cause seizures, coma and death. (I buy dog chocolate treats specially made for dogs from the pet shop).
  • Onion and garlic, onion being more dangerous than garlic. All forms of onion, dehydrated, raw or cooked, table scraps containing onion and garlic, left over pizza, chinese dishes, commecial baby dood contasining onion. (garlic is less toxic and larger amounts need to be eaten to cause illness). Onions destory red blood cells and can cause anemia.
  • baby food if it contains onion powder
  • Macadamia nuts and macadamia butter.
  • nuts in general due to their high phosphorus content which might lead to bladder stones. Exception seems to be peanut butter, use salt/sugar free organic peanut butter
  • nutmeg when ingested in large doses
  • pear pips, apple core pips, kernels of plums, peaches, apricots. (apples, cheeries, peaches are good for a dog but not the pits/seeds as they contain cyanide)
  • potato peelings and green looking potatoes
  • rhubarb leaves
  • any food that has mould on it or even slightly spoiled food, if it is not fresh enough for you then it is not fresh enough for your dog (makes me wonder about those meaty bones she buries then at a later date digs them up and chews on them)
  • alcohol. Hops used in home brewing.
  • Yeast dough.  Bread dough can expand and produce gas in the digestive system, causing pain and possible rupture of the stomach or intestines.
  • caffeine, coffee grounds, beans and tea, tea bags. Cause many of the same symptons chocolate causes.
  • tomato and tomato plants, particularly leaves and stems, then unripe/green tomatoes then ripe tomatoes. Can cause tremors and heart arrhythmias.
  • broccoli in large amounts
  • raisins and grapes, cause kidney failure.
  • tobacco products, nicotine patches, nicotine gumcigarettes, tobacco, cigars
  • mushrooms, poisoning can be fatal if certain species are eaten (have read only safe food mushrooms are shitaki, maitake and reishi). Mushrooms growing wild in the garden not to be eaten.
  • stink horns, belong to the mushroom family
  • avocado and the seed pit is also toxic, guacamole dip
  • candy/sweets and sugarless candy containing xylitol, even a small amount of xylitol can cause liver failure and death.
  • cat food is generally too high in protein and fats for a dog
  • cherries due to the seed pit which can cause cyanide poisoning
  • raw eggs contain an enzyme called avidin which decreases the absorption of biotin (a B vitamin), can lead to skin and hair coat problems. Raw eggs may also contain salmonella.
  • play dough, home made play dough has high levels of salt
  • rich fatty foods; turkey skin, bacon, sausages, hot dogs, fruit cake, plum pudding, deep-fried
  • animal fat and fried foods, fat trimmings - excessive fat can cause pancreatitis
  • salt, iodized salt and salty foods
  • stagnant water from ponds, bogs, creeks. Toilet water with freshner or cleaners in the tank or bowl contain toxic chemicals
  • cooked bones can spliter and damage a dog's inernal organs.
  • human vitamin supplements containing iron
  • large amounts of liver can cause vitamin A toxicity which affects muscles and bones
  • milk and other dairy products due to the lactose in milk. There are lactose-free or lactose reduce milk products one can buy for pets
  • string and dental floss can cause blockage, can get caught, twisted around the intestines and cut
Certain plants, trees, vines are poisonous. The list of toxic plants seems to be huge. I try to remember to ask at the nurseries if a plant is poisonous to dogs before buying. Or I try to remember to do research before buying a certain plant/tree.

Some Trees, vines, plants that are poisonous: (there are a lot more than what is listed here)
  • azaleas
  • jasmine
  • oleander
  • glory lily
  • bulbs of daffodils, jonquils, tulips, spider lilies, nerines, crocus, narcissus
  • bleeding heart
  • buttercup
  • delphinium
  • hydrangea
  • rhododendron
  • roots of the peony, iris and hyacinth
  • leaves of eggplant
  • ornamental yew tree
  • apple, stem and bark
  • apricot, almond, peach
  • wild cheery, cheery
  • balsam pear
  • oak
  • devils' ivy , english ivy, jasmin
  • asparagus fern
  • elephant's ear
  • umbrella plant
  • aloe vera
  • mistletoe
  • mountain laurel
  • monkshood
  • mock orange
  • burning bush
  • daphne
  • sweet peas
  • cyclamens
Poisonous chemicals such as insectides, fertilziers, snail baits, rat/mice baits

Garden dangers:
  • cane toads, possums, snakes, ticks, bees/wasps, diseased birds, rodents that have been poisoned
Garden plants/grasses that cause allergic reactions in dogs:
  • wandering jew, paspalum and rye grasses
If our Boxer scratches or mouths at her paws or crazily rubs her face on the floor/carpet something she has eaten has caused an allergic reaction (certain commercial dog foods and certain dog treats). Grasses can make her itchy.

Have a lovely day - sunflowercastle
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