Dog Shampoo

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This guide is to help consumers choose the right dog shampoo for their pet.

When shopping for the right brand shampoo for your dog, be sure to look for quality ingredients. A high quality dog shampoo should have a pH balance that is perfectly suited for dogs. The right pH balance will prevent your dog's skin from becoming dry and itchy. A good dog shampoo will also promote the growth of healthy, lutrous hair.

Many dogs suffer from dry, itchy skin. In some cases, itchiness can be caused by fleas, but it can also be the result of a nutritional deficency (the wrong food) or the wrong kind of shampoo. You can restore moisture to your dog's skin and relieve itchiness by using a shampoo that contains moisturizing ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil.

Some people prefer to use a dog shampoo that contains all natural ingredients. Some of the natural dog shampoos contain orgainic, emu oil or olive oil. Aloe vera is a very soothing dog shampoo ingredient that can help alleviate skin rashes or itching. It can also help to heal sore ares on the skin. Whenever you shampoo yor dog, be sure to use your fingers to work the shampoo deep into the dog's fur, so the special ingredients have a chance to reach the skin.

At present there are many different types of shampoo for dogs on the market and each one claims to be the best. Choosing one really depends on the needs of the dog and the owner along with the deired result. The choice is very important for the dog's skin fur and general well-being. Using the wrong kind of shampoo and choosing one just because it has the lowest price could result in irritation to the dog's skin and damage to its coat.

Different formulas are meant to address needs or to solve certain problems. For instance, some are designed to brighten the fur and moisturize the skin, while others are meant for flea and tick control. Hypo-allergenic ingredients reduse skin irritation caused by allegies or hypersesitve skin. Never use human shampoo on your dog because the pH level is too high for animals and can cause dry skin and other problems such as an allergic reaction. They can also contain chemicals too harsh for a dog's skin.

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