Domain Name Scams

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This is information for people who recieve a notice that their domain name has expired Be sure to check the following.

"Domain Name Scams"

"Domain Name Cowboys equals buyer Beware"
How many times have you recieved this type of email or letter.
Dear Sir/Madame/etc,
We are informing you that your domain name has expired and can be registered by anyone else on the internet.

You must renew your domain name now.

Please go to the following Link and re-register your domain name now before it is sold to someone else.

Please feel free to contact our sales department to re-register your domain name on the following number.


the Terms and conditions can be located here.

{insert company name here}

This sort of email or letter in the post should be used to start up your Bar-B-Q burner or wood heater.
Although the industry has come a long way this sort of thing is still rife.

This short of email or letter in the post will send most people around the bend in blind panic.
If you are a small business you will be liable to make a knee jerk decision and place a cheque in the mail straight away.

........word to the wise


This is the sort of reaction that these truck loads of parasitic filled hippo turds want.
Lets read between the lines of the email and what it says.

Dear Nun Nuts,
I am sending you this email/letter to cause you panic/distress by telling you that a domain name, that at first glance might look like yours but really isnt, is available to be registered.

I am going to provide you with a link and or contactable sales number to make it easier to take your money.
You will be charged an arm and a leg for the privilege of me making you look like and feel like the first class chump that I know you are.
Dont try to call my company as the number diverts to voicemail or is engaged all the time.

The Terms and Condition will be available but as I know you will not read them you will miss the no refund clause that is in place.

Thankyou for giving me your money LOSER.

Kindest regards
The company that Screwed you and your Mamma.


I am glad you asked. You do have serveral avenues of recource.
Contact the company that you send your money to and request a refund.
Make detailed notes of who you spoke to time and date and what they said.
If they dont refund your credit card over the phone then contact your credit card provider for advice.
If they say that they have refunded your card then verify this with your credit card provider.
If you sent them a cheque then contact your back and have the cheque cancelled.
Have the company that you sent your cheque to return it to you within 7 Days.
Don't tell them that you have cancelled your cheque as they will be charged a fee for trying to cash a cancelled cheque.
If they have already cashed your cheque then you will need to do the following.

Lodge a complaint with the Registrar that HAS your domain name registered.
Lodge a complaint with the registrar that this company has used to register this domain name
Contact ICANN
The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers.
They regulate the industry and can provide you with further advice.
I have supplied the contact information for ICANN below.

On the above link they have a section for complaints.

Failing this then contact your local Government Minister of Parliament and get them in on the action.

If at the end of the day you end with this unwanted domain name you might as well try to make use of it.
Start by transfering your domain name either to your own registrar. ICANN Policy dictates you will need to wait 60 days before doing this.
It is policy so you will not be able to get around this.
Make sure that your domain name contact information refers to you and not the dodgy morally defunct company that took your money.

Once you have control of this domain name try to get it linked to your main site. It cant hurt.

Final word on this topic..... beware and tell everyone you know about the scam and your experiences.
Good luck with this

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