Don’t be fooled by cheap bonsai tools.

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Don’t be fooled by cheap bonsai tools.

When it comes to bonsai tools, "cheap" and "quality" cannot be said in the same breath.  You really do get what you pay for when you buy a bonsai tool.

A bonsai scissor may be bought as cheap as $5 or $6 on ebay at the moment, however, when compared to the quality of, for instance, a scissor made by Hananomai in Japan, which retail for around 18,000 Yen (it would cost around $295.00 Australian to buy them here from a dealer after freight and taxes, etc.), you will note that there are some significant differences in quality.

Be aware that to manufacture a cheap tool, certain things must be considered, ie. time and materials taken to produce the item.  It would be obvious that you would be getting a tool made from inferior metals that was just "slapped" together quickly (to keep costs down).  Buying a scissor that cost you $295 would gaurantee you were receiving a quality tool, made with precision engineering and of the most quality of metals taht rarely required sharpening.

Despite all of this, you must consider "horses for courses".  Determine, if possible, how serious you are about your hobby.  This should help you decide how much you should pay for your tools.  If you are not too serious, and may only ever keep a small collection of 4 or 5 bonsai, then the cheaper tool may be the way to go.  If you are very serious and want to keep the best collection of trees in the country, then buy a full set of Hananomai tools.  You may have to mortgage the house to do it though!!!

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