Don't be too quick to respond ''if'' ?

Like if this Guide is helpful

I have found that ''just  if''   something you buy on e-bay is Not up to how you thought it should be,

then write to the seller...BEFORE.....sending feedback.I have always used this, as I feel...they 'do' deserve a chance  to 'make-good'....Those feedback ratings are important, and I  think we should allow that seller  a chance to fix any problem .

Bad feedback could harm the seller....and they may not be totally aware, your not happy with the item.

Let them know!! for sure in a nice manner......and wait and see, if they will make amends to you.

e.g.... refund  for something broken, or not as you thought.  Bad feelings on  e-bay spoils it for everyone.                            Buyer    and   Seller   alike!




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