Don't buy ARBONNE on EBAY - be extremely cautious!

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There are many things you should know before purchasing ARBONNE products on ebay.

I have listed just a few of the many reasons, as an Independent Consultant I am devastated that people are going against company policy and listing these wonderful products on EBAY.  It is extremely difficult to stop, so I am posting this in the hope that people whom are interested purchase through the correct stream! 

Obviously, if you are reading this guide, you are familiar with or have heard about the ARBONNE Products that are taking Australia by the storm!!  They are pure, safe and beneficial Swiss Formulated, USA Made, and YES are truely amazing.  If you are looking at purchasing ARBONNE at a discount there are appropriate ways to do this through your Independent Consultant, without being ripped off by Sellers on EBAY.

Here are a few things to consider before placing your bid, please be extremely cautious:

  • Please check the seller's feedback & comments from buyers.  As this is a fairly new product in Australia, there will not be many as yet, but if it's anything like the other Countries whom have been selling it for years (USA, UK & Canada) you would be amazed.  I am an ARBONNE Consultant, and it is against company policy for products to be listed & sold on ebay.  I have taken note of a USA Consultant whom mentions in her guide "You want to make sure that buyers were satisfied with the product(s) they purchased.  The auction will probably say that the seller is not affiliated with Arbonne International.  If the seller is not affiliated with Arbonne, then you can't be sure where the products are coming from or where they have been".
  • Many of the products that appear are often out of date, or have previously been used.  I have been advised by 2 of my clients whom purchased via ebay, and were extremely dissapointed to find that the products were out of date by 6months.  Beauty products, alike anything else with a use by date should never be used on the Skin.  There are reason's for this!!
  • ARBONNE offers wonderful discounts on their product, fantastic training and amazing care from the team of Independent Consultants.  The people whom put into this business are not being given the justice they deserve through seller's of this product on ebay.

Please think twice when purchasing these products on ebay, and I am happy to assist with further information on ARBONNE if you are interested.  Please contact me at any time & let's ensure this Company receives the justice it deserves!!  Email me:

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