Don't buy a top from CARTOPGUY or SOFTTOP GUY--

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I am one of many who has been ripped off by this seller on e-bay.

He will take your money, then give you lots of reasons why he has not sent it, like:

1.I am looking for the tracking number.

2. Still looking, be patient.

3. My shipping people have messed up/left etc

4. Be patient.

5. Whats you address again?

6. When did you order it?

7. Be patient

8. What color?

9. What was your order number?

10. I sent it--be patient.

In the end you will wait so long that e-bay will not do anything about it , nor PAYPAL (passed 45 days)

I have spoken to several others, and this is a common theme amongst the complaints.

One buyer was told by this guy to remove his negative feedback, or he would never get his top.He removed it, and guess what, he is still waiting.


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