Dont get Conned

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The Conn Artist,
I was conned so take it from me these people now how to do it.

They are out there all the time so be very wary ALWAYS check your Ebay messages before replying to any second chance offer, the second chance will appear in your mail If it isn't there DONT send money no matter how small an amount, these people are well versed in conning you and they have all the information they need to get you to pay for their lifestyle always block your Email address and never believe that they will contact ebay as soon as they have your information as that is when they start on achieving their goal once they have this information they copy and paste the ebay letter head and send you the second chance offer . you honestly believe it is from ebay and reply without ever stopping to think my advice is ALWAYS check with ebay and never think this is great I realy wanted that Item as you more than likley will never get it any way but in the meantime you loose your money.

I was conned because I was new to ebay and I never checked out the security section It is hard to get into this part of ebay bat so is earning your money. It destroys your trust and you get very suspicious of all Emails.So  I can only blame myself for being trustworthy and stupid on paying for an Item and not getting it or so I am told I just hope that I help at least one person from being conned and then I will achieve my goal.

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