Dont get caught out!

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Whether you are a buyer or a seller on ebay, there is always one means of protection that will always guarentee the arrival of your purchase or  the money  that is requested.

whenever looking for a product to buy on ebay you should also look closely at the feedback rating that is shown. Ebay sellers take great pride in their possitive feedback rating, so this is always a good indication of a good buy.

The more this company has sold, generally the cheaper the items are gonna be for sale.

Now, the magic word.....PAYPAL.

In order for a seller to offer PAYPAL as a pay option they are required to fill out and declare some personal information about themselves and their bank details. Generally if a seller offers paypal, this is the seller that will always make sure your items are packed and readly for delivery ontime, everytime.

generally they don't want to muck around and they sure dont want ebay on their back for any money.

Paypal is the most secure way ( for both parties ) to buy and sell on ebay.


So....If you are an ebay seller and you are here to give someone a good price and not muck around, then sign up with paypal and put this as an option on your next sale.

If you are a ebay buyer.....look for the positive feedback scores that are high, and the sellers that will offer paypal as a payment option.

I hope this has given some insight to the workings of ebay and may have just convinced you to sign up a PAYPAL account.


regards shane123_cars


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