Don't get scamed

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Have you ever received emails from a Nigerian man or women claming they will buy all your stock, promising of an imminent large money transfer buy west-union money transfer?

Please don't fall for these tricks; what they will do is try to buy your items without going through proper eBay protocel were you "bid" at an auction or "buy now".So they can't be tracked. They will ask for your personal details eg. email, account no., name, telephone no., address, etc. do now reveal any person information, unless the person can be trusted

How do these people do it? Scammers have gotten cleaver over the years in which they portray them selves as decent honest people. They will put on a persona to try to gain your trust by them trusting you first. Don't understand? Here is a quote below from an email which i received from a Nigerian man trying to scam me of my computer stock that was posted on eBay recently.

" I do not mean to be pressing but i trust you on this as I hope the item is of the specifications stated and not other wise and it will be sent truly since i am making payment immediately for the sum AU$9,000 and it includes the shipping cost through Australia Post office 3-5days Delivery Service or DHL."

It's a true fact that 80-90% of all email eBay auction frauds are from Nigeria. To know more about the history of Nigerian email frauds search in Google "Nigerian email frauds and scams" or go to wikipedia and search for they same thing.

How to avoid getting scammed

Firstly don't trust West-Union money transfers unless you are very familiar to how it works.
Use Pay Pal, you can't do wrong with Pay Pal.

If you receive any emails from Western Union claiming that the money has been sent, please contact western union to verify that these emails are from them. No matter what any emails state, do not send this item until you have the money in your hand. If a payment has been made by Western Union, the money would be available immediately. Western Union will not hold the money until items are shipped.

For any inquires to eBay scams and frauds please contace eBay Customer support
eBay Australian Customer Support;

Article by Michael Bui,
eBay ID: ken2128
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