Don't turn out the light!

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A good source of light is essential when camping, even if only for that quick dash to the amenities. I have lost count of how many times I've seen people go camping with these massive monstrosities they call torches. It seems most have a passion for the 'Big Jim' style of torch (are they still sold?) which require those heavy and very bulky 6v square batteries that screw onto the torch frame.

In this day and age there really is no need for the 'spotlight' variety torch unless your needs require it. Many sellers on eBay now sell the LED variant of torch and these are a great little piece of equipment. Not only are they light, they provide good light output, especially with the 7+ LED models, and they have a pretty good battery life span so you won't need to carry a backpack full of batteries with you.

My preference here is to buy from sellers actually within Australia, and not those who just have a local rep and bank account and pretend to be in Australia. Usually the postage cost is a good indicator here whether the item is in Oz or not.
If the postage is in the area of $20 AUD for a 7-21 LED torch you can be pretty well safe in the knowledge that it is actually coming from overseas. Not that this is a bad thing, but it makes for an expensive torch, and sometimes things go missing or you get the wrong item, it happens!

Some of the 'miners' style headband LED torches are great as well, I recently brought a 7 LED version of these, and I would have to say it was a worthwhile purchase indeed. Its light, good output and only uses 3 AAA batteries and they last for ages.

A single LED torch can also be a handy item for those times when your fishing around for something in your pack during the night, or for that quick dash :p

I am presently watching a 24 LED torch and hope to scoop this up for a reasonable price. My LED torch collection to date amounts to the above-mentioned miners style lamp and a single LED torch, the single LED lives in my 'Emergency Pack' on a permanent basis along with other items, which in a coming guide I will write about and explain the use of my emergency pack and the reasons for choosing the items in it.

Billies boiling, seeya
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