Dos And Donts Of Selling

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1 Make Shure You Give Buyers Options Such As Matherd Of payment  Donot opt For Just One Metherd

Some Buyers May Or May Not Have CC ( Credit Card)   or paypal So Give tham the Option of  Cod ( Caash On Delivery ) MO ( Money Order)

2 If The Buyer Has a CC Give Tham a option  Of Buy It Now Or Other Oprions Of Paypal  ( yes Paypal has a auto Thing For Sellers Look at The paypal Action Tool  Or Merciont Tool )

3 Aallways  Give Details And if need Be a bsb (Bank State Branch) and account Nomber To Depost Payment to Or a Postel Adress ( yes Some Sellers Neglect To Do This Option  a Good Seller Will DO 1 of 2 options  Whan Selling Thay Give Thare  Adress ie an Adress Ware To Send Payment to  Or opion 2 Ware Thay Set Up a Bank Data Option  What is Bank Data  Read   4 ))

4 Bank Data    whan selling it may be best  Bank Data = Derect Depost  You Can Set it Up in Ebay Selling Tool It Only Reqiers Your  bsb and account Nomber and Name of The Bank  Many Buys Sometimes Will Opt To Pay This Way  If Thay Donot Have a CC = Credit Card Or Debit Card Or Paypal

5 All Ways Be  Nice And Helpfull To Your Buyers  A  Unfriendly Seller Will Defentaly Lose Pretenchal Byers And All Ready Establishted Buyers

6 Allways  Keep Your Buyer Updated On Thare Order  Reasore tham That Thare Order is On its Way

7  If You Have a Unsadisfyed ( unhappy) Cusomer ( ie Consumer) allways Mae an Offer To A Give Tham Refund  B  Offer Tham a Prouduct  Of  The Same Value And Of  The Same Catagory

8   Remember The Customer/Consumer Is Allways Right  Nomatter What The Sercomstances

9 Allways Look At Other Sellers Merchandice And Take Note Of The Price ( if Selling by Option of By it Now) a Customer Will Allways Go For The Most Cheepest Seller  (( action Wise allways Chack Acuions At The Starting Price  You Find That Ones With The Cheepest Price For a Starter Will allways Be The Ones that Are Populer)

10  Allways  Be Polite And Say Thank You Or Say Someting Varry Nice And Incurageing  To The Customer Arfter Thay Brught What Your Selling  It Make Tham Feel Wanted And Thay Will  Indeed  Buy Things From You agen ( Yes Customers Do intend To Do Word Of Mouth Things  Arfter all  Thats How Shops And Acutions Are Made And How Thay Can Be Unmade )

11  Allways Follow  What Sells Best  if You Look Thrugh Sites Thes Days You Will See that Anime/Manga Merciondice Such as Games Dvds  Artworks pictures Cels  Etc Are Grate Sellers For Thows Who are In that Proticuler Nish (( Thows Who are Into Anime And Manga ie Japanise Animasion))

12 Offer The Customer a Discount Ie Such as  Option a Free Postage or B A Discount Of  Postage And Handeling

13 Follow Steps 1 thrugh 12 and You Be Fine

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