Double Bed Frame Buying Guide

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Double Bed Frame Buying Guide

Quality sleep is essential for everyone because it helps people to keep healthy and live a fulfilling life. In order to achieve this, the bedroom should be designed for sleeping only and it should be dark enough to block out any disturbing light that may affect the sleep. A good mattress and bed are also vital to edge closer to invigorating relaxation. Generally, it all starts with a bed frame that is the base for the bed on which the mattress and bedding are later put. Bed frames consist of several components, such as headboard and footboard. Besides the components, the style and material of the bed frame is another consideration, so it would fit the interior decor of the bedroom. The most common bed frame that people buy is the double bed frame; a basis for a bed that fits two people. Double bed frames can be purchased from furniture shops or on online sites, such as eBay.

Bed Frame Components

The bed frame may be composed of several pieces, especially because it is transported in pieces rather than fully assembled. Headboard and footboard are commonly joined with the bed frame, although they may be missing as well. Moreover, some bed frames also include drawers for comfortable storage.

Side Rails

The side rails are, as their name already implies, located on either sides. Their task is to hold the bed frame together.

Centre Support Rail

Mostly, double bed frames also incorporate a centre support rail. This is located between the side rails, in the middle of the bed frame and its main task is to support the weight of the bed base and in turn the mattress that it put onto it.

Box Spring

Box spring is not always present in a bed frame, but they are thought to be essential components. Box spring consists of rows of coil springs that are covered with cloth. This constitutes the base of the bed and a mattress may be put on top of it.


The headboard, or the bed head, is a panel located at the head of the bed, in the place where the sleepers put their pillows and heads. It keeps the pillows in place and it is often soft, especially when made of leather, so it also prevents bumping the head. When doing a lots of reading in the bed, it is comfortable to support one's back against the headboard. This piece could also be bought separately and then attached to the bed.


The footboard is a panel at the foot of the bed. It is placed in an upright position and helps to keep the duvet on the bed. Footboard is also a design element and when it is made of leather or carved from wood, it can really make a statement. However, in tight spaces the footboard may get in the way, especially when the bed is facing drawers or when the spot is passed often. Therefore, it should not be too tall.


If the bed is lifted from the floor, it has ample of space underneath it. This space could be used in order to store things from bedding to winter clothes in order to reduce the number of wardrobes and cupboards in the bedroom.

Bed Frame Materials

The material of the bed frame can be dictated by the overall interior decor of the house. With a more natural look, wooden bed frames are preferred, while modern homes look good with metal bed frames. Leather is also used in bed frames, although it can never constitute the whole frame. Instead, it is used to cover the headboard and footboard.

Hardwood Bed Frames

Hardwood is made from a broadleaved tree, such as ash, oak, walnut, teak, birch, or beech. These trees are deciduous, meaning that they abandon their leaves every autumn. Because of its high density, the wood is relatively hard. It is sturdy and reliable, so bed frames made of hardwood last for decades. This quality is also reflected in the price, but hardwood bed frame is an investment worth making. Hardwood bed frames are dark in colour and non-resinous.

Softwood Bed Frames

Softwood is a type wood derived from conifers, evergreen trees, such as spruce, pine, cedar, larch, or fir. Compared to hardwood, softwood is less dense, so it is also softer and therefore less durable. However, this also makes it easy to work with and it is thus widely used for making furniture, including bed frames. Softwood costs less than hardwood and it is light in colour. This wood may also be resinous and its resistance to fire is not highly valued.

Particle Board Bed Frames

The particle board, also known as chipboard, is a cheap material made of sheets of compressed resin and wood chips. It is often veneered or coated and then used for bed frames. In the long run, such a bed frame does not last, although it may seem a bargain to buy.

Metal Bed Frames

Metal is a sturdy and reliable material that can last for decades. Common metals used for bed frames include brass and iron. Bed frames could be made either from one metal or use a combination of several different metals. For instance, iron and steel could be combined by using the steel in the side rails and iron for the headboard and footboard.

Bed Frame Styles

The style of bed frame largely influences how the bedroom looks like. Some bed frames are very striking, while others do not stick out at all, although they perform their task of supporting the mattress. The colour of the bed frame also has an effect on the style: lighter colours make the room appear larger, while dark colours make it appear smaller. The following chart lists the common bed frame styles and describes their basic features.

Bed Frame Style


Four poster

Four tall posts in the corners


Frame with four posts; draped with fabric


Design from 19th century; scrolled headboard and footboard


Horizontal bed base lifted slightly above the ground


Looks like a sofa


Stored under another bed; slides on casters

Besides personal preferences, the choice of a bed frame style also depends on the space available in the bedroom. The styles that have headboard and footboard generally take up more space than simpler frames that can be collapsed during the day. For instance, the trundle style is very space-efficient since it stores items below the mattress.

Size of Double Bed Frame

The double bed frame is a common size used in most homes. It is often also referred to as full-size bed or standard bed. It is not the largest size, so it fits most bedrooms without cramping the space. Young adults and teenagers find that bed comfortable. If it is a sofa bed, the frame could also be collapsed during the day. However, the basic double bed frame measures 138 cm in width and 188 cm in length.

Height of Double Bed Frame

Besides the length and width that are already quite determined when buying a double bed frame, its height should also be taken into account. Climbing in and out of the bed should be as comfortable as possible. The frame height plays an important role in the bed's general height that is also dependent on the thickness of the mattress and whether or not a box spring is included. It is worth noting that memory foam mattresses work best without box spring, so its height should be deducted from the bed's height when choosing a bed frame.

Buying Double Bed Frame on eBay

When you start looking for a double bed frame on eBay, the easiest way for you to start is to type the relevant keywords into the search box that you can find at the top of any eBay page, or browse through hundreds of deals on eBay's deal page.. You can either use more generic choice of words, such as "double bed frame" or also include the material or style in your search like in the following example, "double pine bed frame". Once you receive the initial search results, you can further narrow them down by sorting them by price or location of the seller. You could also change the item condition to new or used.

In order to make sure that the bed frame is exactly the size you need and it fits your double mattress, check the item listing for details. The dimensions of the bed frame should be included under the specifications. If you cannot find the information, feel free to contact the seller. Moreover, it is advisable to ask about possible local pick-up. The frame can be quite hefty and posting it may not be possible or may be too expensive, so collecting it yourself may be useful.


Health is based on quality sleep and a good bed can easily offer this. The base of the bed is the bed frame, on which all the other things, such as mattress and bedding are then put. The most common size for beds is double that is not very large, but can easily fit two people.

The bed frame contains side rails and often also a centre support rail that helps to carry the weight. The footboard at the foot and the headboard at the head of the bed have their specific functions and these are also often included. The box spring, the basis of a bed can be attached to the frame. Space-saving bed frames also have drawers under the bed.

The bed frame material determines its durability and also style. Hardwood is dark and durable, but also more expensive, while softwood is light, cheaper, but endures less. Particle board is probably the least expensive material, but it does not last in the long run, while metal can be counted on. When it comes to styles, the following can be distinguished: day, trundle, platform, sleigh, four poster, and canopy. The frame styles differ from each other by their structure.

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