Double Check what you are bidding on with GOLD jewelery

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I would like to warn other buyers that there are SOME basically dishonest sellers on E Bay who in BIG BOLD letters at the start of the advertising of their item/items say the words SOLID GOLD!

Please take my advice and go as far as e-mailing the seller to confirm again and again if you have to any worries or quires that you may have.

Dont learn the hard way by throwing your hard earned money away on a piece of jewelery that is not what you actually thought was what you were bidding on and then paying for if won! Just this week end i bid on a supposed and advertised SOLID GOLD neck chain for my son to give him on his birthday a piece of jewlery he has always wanted but can not afford himself so i have a little saved up and thought what a great pressie for him! As I said this seller who is a business and not an everyday person selling their own wares on E Bay in quite BIG and BOLD writting as their heading says lets say we are talking about a chain the example is Solid Gold Mens Chain etc etc etc so i looked at the size etc and like probably 80% of other buyers out there went on and bid on this piece. Now the next day when i went in to check how my bidding was going I saw the words further down and definatley Not in BIG or Bold writting that this piece was in fact only covered on the outer with the said 9ct Gold and was Brass Filled!!! Oh and after this i find out that by My SOLID GOLD chain that i have won can not even be worn in water!!!

How on earth can i give my son his longed for Gold chain and say Oh darl by the way just take it off every time you bath or go for a dip in the pool etc as its not real!

So buyers please be warned but at the same time remember there are only a couple of sellers out there that rip people off because there are also a lot of good reputable sellers out there as well as i have bought a couple of different pieces of jewelery off E Bay over time and had no problems at all.

But before i go i would like to know why there is nothing much done to these sellers that do this. If they were a business working out of a shop at the local shopping centre they would be prosercuted for this type of thing. To me it is a form of theft as you are paying for an item of an advertised type but in fact receiving something tottally different!

Thanks heaps for reading my little Guide and if i help one buyer from getting burnt and ripped off like i did then all this typing has been worth it.

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