Downlight Installation and Safety - Is your home safe?

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If you have installed downlights in your ceiling, you should really consider whether your house and family are at risk from fire.


 Most Low Voltage Halogen downlights run very hot (between 200 – 300 degrees celcius) and are often installed next to exposed insulation and other flammable materials inside your ceiling. They are a fire risk.

A large number of  so called “electrical fires” are caused by this exposed heat igniting the flammable surroundings.


AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS Wiring Safety Regulations (AS/NZS 3000:2000(Clauses 1.7.6, 1.8.6, 1.9.2,  4.3.2 etc) require that there is “Protection provided against thermal effects, eg. Enclosure, guarding or screening of flammable materials, hot surfaces and parts that may cause physical injury.” There are Downlight Guards now available which put a physical barrier between the downlight and the flammable materials, sealing the heat source inside a fire retardent temperature resistant barrier as well as saving energy, reducing noise, and sealing the gaps to prevent bugs,dust, etc. entering your house.



Check out whether the downlights are exposed, and if they are then consider putting in covers which will isolate them from the flammable surroundings. If you have the older heavy iron core transformers, then you should put a cover on the transformer too. (newer electronic transformers don’t heat up as much)



It’s easy. There are inexpensive covers available. You can retro-fit these covers yourself.


This is the product you need.....               



You can find them at MIGHTY LIGHTING SOLUTIONS Ebay Store.

Just click the following link to see them: DOWNLIGHT COVERS

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