Drive Yourself eBay: How to Pimp Your Ride the eBay Way

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How can you drive yourself  eBay? Let me count the ways. You would be surprised to know just how many  eBay license plate frames and eBay bumper stickers are out there. And I know of at least four eBay license plates, three of which are even street legal. And don't forget your  eBay antenna topper and air fresheners! Meanwhile, of course, you'll want to protect your dashboard and interior from the heat of the day with an  eBay windshield screen. I've got one in white corrugated cardboard with the  eBay logo in black and a black and white graphic of two pairs of clapping hands with the word "aPPLauSE"[sic] (I guess in honor of winning an auction?). I've also got a silver windshield screen that twists into its own flat silver-piped-with-black circular carrying case bearing the eBay Motors logo in black. It's from  The eBay Shop and originally cost $15. At that time,  The eBay Shop also carried an  eBay-branded auto emergency kit with jumper cables and I forget what else.

And what would an  eBayana Guide be without a unique custom item?  Eboyauctions' "Drive to  eBay Live! June 12, 2006" window sign fills the bill nicely. I think it had to do with him selling advertising space on his vehicle for his drive to  eBay Live! 2006, or maybe he was trying to get together a caravan of  eBay Live-goers, but I don't really remember. I just know that I bought the sign when he sold it in 2007. It's a lovely diamond shape bisected by the classic  eBay colorwave with the  eBay Live! logo above it in a field of white and the words "Drive to  eBay Live! on June 12, 2006" below it in a field of blue.

Now let's talk about some driver's license items. First of all, there's the basic black  eBay Motors license plate frame. It's got the URL across the top in white, and across the bottom it has the  eBay logo followed by the word Motors™, also in white. Somehow or other we accumulated seven of these, and we managed to resell them all on  eBay as a Fixed Price 30-Day (FP30) listing with a Best Offer option.

Our favorite offer came from Japan, whence a Buyer offered to buy 6 of them for only $1 each less than what we were asking. And shipping wasn't free to Japan, either. We'd already sold the first one at full price, so overall we really made out like bandits — relatively speaking, of course, since we still made less than $50 total for all 7 plate frames. But they went to appreciative new homes. The Japanese Buyer was especially excited, because he planned to share them with friends. So somewhere on the island of Japan, there's a posse of buddies all driving around with  eBay Motors license plate frames.

Next up is the equally classic black and white license plate frame. It says  ebaY.COM in white across the top (with the word " ebay" in logo form) and has the URL in white across the bottom. This is a really early item of  eBayana, because it was made before eBay dropped the .com from their corporate name. You really can't go wrong with elegant black and white. It's like a tuxedo for your license plate. We sold this one too, but I forget who bought it. But whoever it was really liked it, because I do remember that they left us very positive feedback.

For those who prefer to  eBay in color — and to make a statement while doing so — there are a couple of choices, again ranging from basic black to pristine white. To start us off white, there's a lovely license plate frame with the URL across the top; across the bottom, it says "I'd rather be trading on  ebaY", with the full-color  eBay logo. Now, who could argue with that? But we sold this one too, although now I sort of wish we hadn't.

Slightly trendier — and now either nostalgically classic or hopelessly dated, depending on your point of view (I'm of the nostalgia school of thought, because it's such a classic line) — there's a black license plate frame that says "honk if you got it" (with the word "it" in its ad-campaign logo form and colors of green, orange, and yellow) across the top and "on  ebaY " across the bottom, with the word " ebay" in full-color logo form.

As shown herein, this particular license plate frame nicely complements the real-life license plate EBAY-01, which belongs to  onecrazyredhead from Connecticut. Check out  her eBay store for good buys all the time! I've also seen this same license plate frame on an "EBAYQUN" license plate. And currently for sale on  eBay is an  EBAY license plate from Massachussetts that's still valid: Buy It Now for $5000 or Best Offer.

There's another  eBay license plate that we might as well mention at this time. It was sold by  The eBay Shop a few years ago, and it says CUONEBAY in true license-plate style, accented by the official  eBay color ribbon with the full-color  eBay logo in a tastefully offset oval above the letters. 

In fact, if your state permits you to have a novelty plate as your front license plate, it will look great on your wheels. There's an  eBay drop-off shop near us that has a company car done up in an  eBay wrap, and I keep wanting to put this license plate on it with an  eBay license plate frame front and back. We were going to sell it, but it's so rare and I like it so much that I'm keeping it for myself, to hang with my antique Texas and SLEAZE and SPAM FAN license plates. (My ex-husband's and my old personalized plates, JUMP HI and HI VLTG, hang elsewhere in our decor.)

Speaking of  eBay license plate frames, you might want to stop reading here unless you are either a  PowerSeller or an aspiring  PowerSeller. If you're not a  PowerSeller (yet), at least try not to be jealous. No one but you will know whether you're faking it if you put one of the two extant (that I know about)  eBay  PowerSeller license plate frames on your vehicle. Maybe there are even more   PowerSeller license plate frames in existence; if so, please let me know.

I believe these were available through the special  PowerSeller section of  The eBay Shop (which absolutely anyone can access nowadays, more's the pity), but I'm not sure, since I wasn't yet a  PowerSeller (under our selling ID of  monjott) when these license plate frames were on offer. Both are an elegant black. The classic black and white version says "I'm a proud" across the top in white and has the  eBay and  PowerSeller logos at the bottom, also in white, along with the word  PowerSeller as included in the  PowerSeller logo. "I'm a proud  eBay  PowerSeller" — what more can you say? What else do you need to say?

A trendier, now nostalgic (again) and more colorful black  PowerSeller license plate frame features the tagline "You can sell it on  ebaY" across the top in white, with both the words "it" and " ebay" in full-color logo form. At the bottom is the  eBay logo with the  PowerSeller icon and the word " PowerSeller", all in white.

All of the  eBay license plate frames and also the  eBay license plate are VHTF (Very Hard To Find), so grab 'em when and if you see 'em. I'm guessing that the various  eBay license plate frames originally came from  The eBay Shop, as did the CUONEBAY license plate, but I really don't know for sure.

What more can you do to pimp your ride the  eBay way? Why, add an  eBay bumper sticker, of course!  eBay stickers in general are a subject for a whole 'nother guide, but I'll tell you about a few highlights made especially for the road.

First, of course, there's your basic classic I (heart), with the full-color  eBay logo. I believe these were sold by  The eBay Shop way back in the day, when  eBay was still

Then there's my personal favorite: "Find the people who love what you love." This is a particularly beautiful bumper sticker, with the tagline in a green band above an  eBay color-wheel excerpt centered by the full-color  eBay logo. There's another one that looks just like it that says, with the words in a blue band, "The world is getting smaller, one bid at a time."

These were part of a one-sheet set given out at  eBay Live! 2005 in San José (the 10-year anniversary year that The Power Of All Of Us was  eBay's slogan) and also available as a printout from I think they might also have been sold at  The eBay Shop (which was kind of a rip-off, if you knew about the freebies). Nowadays you can probably find one for sale on  eBay. That's not a rip-off, that's entrepreneurship.

For truly cosmopolitan eBayers, there's also the "tuned by  ebay" bumper stickers that were available at as part of a special  eBay Motors promotion at  eBay Austria. (I also got a thong and camisole with the "tuned by  ebay" logo, but that's all I'm going to tell you about that.) Then there are clear oval country stickers that bear the full-color  ebay.NL (Netherlands) or  ebay.BE (Belgium) logos. There might be others, but I've never seen them. We've got  ebay.NL on our rear side window, because I'm half Dutch. These are very hard to find, but I got mine at  eBay Germany (

From there we get into the bootleg  eBay bumper stickers, which are almost too numerous to mention here. My favorites are  d.c.diesel's "POWERED BY  ebay", with the full-color  eBay logo, and  insigniaworks1's " ebay FUELS THIS VEHICLE", also with the full-color  eBay logo. Both sellers are from  eBay UK but sell at

Or you can get a bumper sticker from  atomgrey that says "Maybe you should go to  ebay and BUY A CLUE".  eBay Education Specialists   and  Trading Assistants can get custom window decals with their phone numbers from  westcoastdecalzeBay  PowerSeller and  eBay  Trading Assistant decals are available in both white and full color from  groovy-graphics. And plain white  ebaY logo decals can be had from  creative_fx. Perhaps you'd prefer the tasteful legend "I'm an  eBay whore" as offered by  tranzaction, whose  About Me page says that they are located in the armpit of Ohio. Personally, I go for  Grannie Annie's cheerful custom bumper sticker: Don't Worry. Be Happy. EBAY by  stuff-from-hawaii.

Top it all off with an  eBay Motors antenna topper (only ever seen in blue with white lettering, never yet in red, yellow, or green; I think they might have came from  eBay Live! the year that  eBay Motors first opened). Or you might prefer the rare (and very expensive; it's currently being offered at — gulp — $55)  eBay Disney Auctions antenna topper in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head, complete with ears. It was given to all first-time buyers in  eBay's Disney Auctions (a now-defunct collaboration from back in the early years of this century). On the front it has the Disney Auctions logo, and on the back it says Presented By  ebaY (with the word  ebay in logo form) along with the URL

Finally, don't forget that air quality is very important in a vehicle — especially in a vehicle! You'll want to keep it fresh with either the  eBay Motors air freshener in the shape of a little red car (it's adorable) with the  eBay Motors logo or a pine tree with the  eBay logo (perfect for decorating the car the  eBay way at Christmastime). Now you're all ready to start driving yourself eBay!

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