Ducar Piston Buying Guide

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Ducar Piston Buying Guide

The piston is the part of the motorcycle engine that generates the power. The crank shafts move up and down which turns the rods and moves the wheels. The internal combustions are what cause the pistons to move. Constant motions of the pistons and rods cause a lot of wear and tear due to friction so it is common to have to replace the Ducar piston and parts.

There are several things to keep in mind when shopping for motorcycle parts. Often the variety of options is extensive between manufacturer replacement parts and aftermarket ones. In addition, buyers have the choice between new, used, and refurbished pistons. It is important to find a reliable piston that fits within the budget.

Why a Replacement Ducar Piston May be Needed

The wear and tear on a Ducar piston is caused by several things such as bad handling, normal friction, or even bad petrol. However, not keeping the oil levels properly maintained causes the most problems. Without sufficient lubrication the pistons have to strain due to increased amounts of friction. Since the pistons are made out of softer metals they cannot stand up to continuous heat and friction very well. Aluminium can melt when too hot, as well as warp. To avoid future piston replacements, be sure to change the oil regularly.

How to Tell if a Replacement Ducar Piston is Needed

There are a number of ways to tell if the Ducar needs a new piston. The first way is just a listening test. Lift the bike off the ground for all of the tests so that the rear wheel can spin freely. Start the engine and rev it a couple of times. Then listen to the sound of the motor. If there are subtle knocks or a bell sound, then the piston is knocking on something.

Next, examine the exhaust coming from the pipes. Normal exhaust should be white or grey and relatively thin. If there are large amounts of emissions produced, a lot of white smoke when revving the engine, and a burnt-oil odour, then this is a sign that the engine is using too much oil to compensate for worn piston rings.

Lastly, look at the owner's manual to see what the compression psi should be at. If the bike has more than 30 psi under the recommended amount then the piston rings are worn.

If these methods reveal inconclusive results, take the Ducar to a professional mechanic and see what they diagnose. Also consider having them install the replacement piston to ensure good results.

Finding the Right Ducar Piston

Buyers must find a piston that is compatible with theirDucar dirt bike. Since several different models are available, it is important to figure out which parts are compatible. For example, the company made several engine sizes such as the125cc and the 150cc. Usually the dirt bike model that the parts go with is in the product title. If not, owners must measure their piston.

There are numerous ways to measure but the measurements must be exact in order to get the right part. The owner's manual may have these measurements listed. The new piston should also have them listed in the product description. Shoppers must find the piston diameter, piston height, piston pin diameter, piston pin length, and the piston ring diameter. If the piston is a generic one, a list of typical dirt bikes that the item is compatible should be present as well.

Buying an Individual Piston or a Complete Set

When it is time to replace the piston, buyers have the option of getting just the piston, or purchasing a complete set that has all of the pieces that they need included. If the piston is worn out or damaged, then it is highly likely that the other parts, such as the pin and rings, are as well. The complete sets come with the piston, pin, rings, and gaskets. However, if needed, it is also possible to just get piston rings or gaskets separately.

New or Used Ducar Pistons

Choosing between new and used dirt bike parts is a decision that most owners face. Used parts are cheaper and often have quite a bit of life left in them. However, they are harder to find and buyers take a risk in having to assume that the parts are in good condition. When looking at used parts it is important to find out how much use it received. Ask the seller how many miles went onto the piston and how old the piston is. Sitting unused for several years is not necessarily a good thing. Refurbished parts are less risky because the manufacturer has examined them for structural integrity and fixed any issues. They come at a slightly higher priced than regular used parts do. New Ducar pistons are the least risky to buy and are the easiest to find because there is a larger selection of them. However, shoppers have to buy certain new parts even if they get a used or refurbished piston. Gaskets and other parts are not reusable.

Piston Type




Easy to find

Less risky to buy

Highly priced


Less expensive than a new piston

Refurbished pistons are inexpensive and have had issues fixed

Difficult to find

May be in poor condition

By using the chart above consumers can see the pros and cons of purchasing a new or used Ducar piston.

How to Buy

Once you have made the decision to shop for a new, used, or refurbished Ducar piston you can visit the eBay website to browse through a large selection of sets and individual pieces. Type "Ducar piston" into the search bar on the eBay homepage to get started. If you want to be more specific, you can search for the gaskets or piston rings individually. Compare the condition of the parts, their price, and their shipping costs. To save time, you can sort the list of products by the lowest price first or you can enter in your price range to ensure that you stay within your set budget. To find special deals, visit the eBay Deals page to see what items are on sale for the day.

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