Dunlop Tyre Buying Guide

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Dunlop Tyre Buying Guide

Buyers searching for high-quality tyres are often interested in purchasing tyre models manufactured by Dunlop. A global tyre maker, Dunlop is the official tyre supplier to a number of racing championships and is noted for developing advancements in tyre technology. Because the driving styles of buyers are varied, Dunlop produces a range of tyre models with different handling capacities that improve a tyre's safety in both dry and wet driving conditions. Dunlop also creates tyres that are specifically designed to be compatible with the specifications of popular car brands. Dunlop tyres can be purchased locally at tyre and automotive specialty shops as well as online at websites like eBay. To ensure purchasing the right Dunlop tyres, buyers should research Dunlop's vehicle compatibility, product lines, and specifications before shopping.

Dunlop Tyre Vehicle Compatibility

Vehicles developed by car manufacturers, like Toyota and Ford, contain proprietary specifications that impact which types of tyres can be added to a car without the car needing any modifications. To match the requirements of vehicles, aftermarket companies like Dunlop often create tyres uniquely designed for popular vehicle models. These tyre models list in their specifications whether they were designed for certain car brands, so buyers can choose Dunlop replacement tyres easily by choosing models that are compatible for their cars.

Dunlop Tyre Product Lines

To match the various demands of drivers, Dunlop manufactures a wide range of tyre product lines. Each product line has special features that can appeal to buyers based on their specific driving habits.

Dunlop Tyre Product Lines


Dunlop Sport Maxx

Designed for vehicles produced by high performance car manufacturers like Lexus and Audi

Includes silica-based, directional treads and multi-radius technology

Dunlop Sport Fast Response

Designed for luxury passenger cars

Contains asymmetric treads and touch technology for superior handling

Produces less noise when travelling and increase road grip

Dunlop Monza

Good for both dry and wet driving conditions

Includes a tuned tread and modified casing

Dunlop Le Mans

Designed specifically for small vehicles

In addition to named Dunlop Sport product lines, Dunlop manufactures a range of numbered sport tyres like the Dunlop Sport 01 and Sport 3000. Each tyre line has subtle changes within its construction that impacts the tyre's handling as well as its price. Dunlop Sport tyres with added features, such as short-braking blocks or seamless construction, are generally higher priced than more basic sport tyres. Because of this, buyers should evaluate which tyre features are most essential based on their driving habits before choosing a type of Dunlop Sport tyre to purchase.

Dunlop Tyre Specifications

When shopping for Dunlop tyres, buyers can find a wealth of information about the specifications of a tyre by looking at a tyre's sidewall. On the side wall, there are alphanumeric codes imprinted onto a tyre's surface that list, in order, specifications based on the tyre industry standards determined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). By accepting these standardisation norms, Dunlop and other manufacturers within the tyre industry allow buyers to compare tyre models and increase the ability of buyers to choose aftermarket tyres that can match the safety specifications of their vehicles. When offering tyres, sellers often list some of the codes to make shopping easier for buyers, so buyers may see a tyre advertised as a "Dunlop 235-45-17" tyre. This allows buyers to quickly see the width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter of a Dunlop tyre.

Tyre Width

The first number Dunlop lists on its tyre codes is the nominal section width of the tyre in millimetres. The nominal section width is the widest part of a tyre from its inside to outside wall. This number is slightly smaller than the width of a tyre at the point where it makes contact with a road. For a Dunlop 235-45-17 tyre, the tyre width is 235 mm.

When choosing the Dunlop tyre width, buyers can simply stay with the width of the tyres that were supplied with their vehicles at purchase or opt for a different size width. Larger tyres are associated with increased handling, especially when a driver makes turns. Unfortunately, wider tyres can diminish a vehicle's fuel economy and have decreased traction on very wet roads. Conversely, buyers who place a large importance on fuel efficiency may choose narrower tyres because the small decrease in the materials used to create a narrow tyre boosts fuel economy.

Tyre Aspect Ratio

The second number Dunlop adds to it tyre codes is the tyre's aspect ratio. The aspect ratio measures the height of a tyre from its rim to the bottom of the tyre's treads. The height measurement is then divided into the width of the tyre to determine the percentage of the height compared to the tyre's width. Therefore, in a Dunlop 235-45-17 tyre, the height is 45 per cent of its width.

When comparing aspect ratios between Dunlop tyre models, buyers who prefer high performance tyres may choose a model with a lower aspect ratio. Typically, lower aspect ratios are associated with increased lateral stability which allow a vehicle to handle turns better. Unfortunately, lower aspect ratio tyres often feel stiff under general driving conditions.

Tyre Construction

Dunlop and other tyre manufacturers also list a letter after the aspect ratios they imprint on their tyres. This letter shows buyers which type of construction was used to create a tyre. Bias belt tyres have a "B" listed after the aspect ratio while diagonal tyres have a "D". Most often, however, buyers find an "R" after the aspect ratio because many tyres on the market have a radial construction type.

Tyre Rim Diameter

The third number based on ISO standards that Dunlop adds to its tyre sidewalls is the diameter of a tyre's wheel rim in inches. Buyers can use this measurement to ensure that the tyres they purchase can be mounted onto rims of a certain size. Often, buyers choose to stay with the same wheel rims that were included on a vehicle at purchase, but some buyers prefer to change their rims to modify a vehicle's performance or appearance.

How to Buy Dunlop Tyres on eBay

eBay is a great resource for buyers who are looking for Dunlop tyres in a variety of styles and sizes. When shopping on eBay, buyers can purchase Dunlop tyres individually, in pairs or sets, or as part of a wheel and tyre package. Buyers looking for bargains can opt to purchase used Dunlop tyres or visit eBay Deals' Automotive selection for discounted Dunlop tyres. Once buyers find some purchasing options, they should check a Dunlop tyre's specifications to make sure that the tyre can satisfy a buyer's demands. This generally includes reviewing a tyre's width, aspect ratio, rim diameter, condition, and vehicle compatibility. Buyers should also determine what is included in an eBay purchase so they know exactly what to expect once their tyres arrive.


Dunlop tyres are well-known globally for the superior handling and safety that they provide. Frequently found in professional driving competitions, Dunlop tyres are also available to consumers who are looking to replace their tyres for everyday driving. Before shopping for Dunlop tyres, however, buyers should research how a tyre's type and specifications can impact driving. Since Dunlop is an aftermarket automotive supplier, buyers must be certain that the tyres they purchase are compatible with their vehicles. Dunlop produces a range of product lines that are best suited for particular driving styles and conditions, so buyers have a number of options when balancing performance and price. Once buyers determine the type of Dunlop tyre they need, they can visit eBay to find models that can meet the demands of most buyers.

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