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In the year I have been buying and selling on ebay I have learnt many things, mainly how it feels to now have the power to change my own life. ;-)

Read on, live, learn and ENJOY! EBAY!

Ebay gives us endless oppurtunties, and unlimited possibilities. In a world that seeks change, be it more money, better service, a wider variety of products, rare and often unseen before items, Ebay offers it all. Did you know that somehwere in the world the item you are seeking is cheap as chips???? Did you know that old clock, out of fashion watch or bizzare dvd is somewhere out there a hot and much wanted item and will fetch a great price while supplying someone just like you with the very thing they were seeking? This is the power of Ebay, this is the power of being able to move freely in an international market place while never leaving the comfort of your home or not even leaving the office. No fighting with rushes of crowds, nor wasting too expensive petrol, just a flick of your wrist and your fingers on the keyboard and Wallah!!! Ebay offers each of us the power to make changes in our world, extra money, more space with unwanted old items sold, the chance to buy anything from anywhere, to build hobbies, fullfil old dreams, grow friendships, even become our own boss. Ebay truly is the answer to many of your old nagging questions. If you have children and a home to run, often you will find that as much as you might want to make a finacial difference you cant. Your basic life limits you, the fact that to go out to work you would need to pay a sitter for your kids, plus need someone to cook dinner wash etc..... All this means it is not really for you, in your current position. Ebay by passes all of this, right now I am sure one or more of your children has outgrown something, shoes, clothes, uniforms, a bed. Or maybe your husband has a stock pile of no longer used tools. Whatever it is you just found your first item for sale. Take a photo of it, meausre it, describe it and think of a reasonable starting price. Pretty much as little as you think you can manage to get for the item, this is your starting price, anything over that is a bonus for you. Truly the small anxiety you feel as you work your way through your first listing will be nothing compared to experiencing the thrill of selling your item, and giving yourself back a little or a lot of power to begin to change your world. Wether you dream of building your own Empire, or simply extra cash for a family holiday Ebay gives you back the power. As I said in my title Ebay is the answer to many questions, the biggest question it always answers is how to begin making your dreams come true.

Claire ( ebay-id ibclarity)

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