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Firstly may I say welcome to the wonderful world of Ebay where a world of buying selling and ultimalty you could make a fortune just on one really useful internet site.I have only recently started using Ebay and must say that with a few helpful books (ebay guide for dummies) and of course ebays handy guides located in the 'help' section I was on my feet in no time just as you will be.



Firstly buying is a great tool in buying everything you could practically think of right on your home or office computer. Firstly you must sign up (which is free) put in a few details ( which will always be confidential of course) and then click on the BUY section. Then you can browse through the many wonderful items that ebay provides. Once you have found the item you would like, make a bid, confirm it and then keep watch on the item by cliking 'watch' and wait to see if you win it! If you lose on your bid you can always go back and bid on the item before it ends. Once you have won the item confirm and postage and final cost detailings (by following the promts which will appear on screen and email the seller for confirmation that the payment is recieved and the item has been sent VIOLA you have your item!!!



Welcome to selling where you can make as little or as much as your heart desires...if your lucky. Firstly on ebay you must decide what items you would like to sell then click on the SELL category and follow the prompts by adding your details. With these details ebay can know how to bill you ( you will incur a small sellers fee) and know your details. Then simply follow the prompts of listing your item then Viola you can sell your item at auction or fixed price (this is at the start when you follow selling prompts!) then you can sit back answer any questions users may have for you about the item and watch the bids grow. If your item does not sell you can always relist for fee. Ebay will send you an invoice at the end of the month for your sellers fee and you can either pay it or they will direct debit it from you





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