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Ebay is  sfae place to shop 99% of the time. There unfortunately is always someone who is in it for themselves and will willingly step outside the guidelines and rules to ruin it for everyone else. Here i have comprised a list of the most common ebay rules that are broken, hereby known as EBAY SCAMS.


This affects the Buyer

Shill bidding is the name given when unfortunately a seller doesn't play fair and bids on his/her own auctions with another id, or gets family and friends to bid so that the price is raised.

This type of action has been around for years in actual car, artwork auctions, and unfortunately is now here.

Check a sellers history, if you suspect shill bidding, and there is a very prominent bidder on sellers auctions that never seem to win, or if they do the same item is relisted, then report them, they won't know it was you and if it turns out innocent there is no harm done as they are not told ofit until ebay says they are guilty.


Affects the seller

 Bid shielding effects mainly the seller as it is used by people who collate together to drive the price of an item they want up to a limit that is totally ridiculous, then retract their bids minutes before the item ends.

It usually strats with 1 bid at the maximum price they want to pay, then another bidder will come along and place a super ridiculous amount, thus scaring potential bidders away, a third party will bid an even higher amount, and the 2 nd bidder retracts their bid. The 3rd bidder or if there is more the last bidder, places their bid as close to the end of auction as possible, ruling out the chance of someone genuine biddinghigher, minutes before close the retract.

Sellers, look at your buyers history, if it looks as though they have a habit of bid retractions block them.


Affects the seller

This is the sneakiest move of all a buyer can pull on a seller, and unfortunately it is happening all too often.

A buyer will purchase an item from you, usually it is something of value, they will then proceed to conatct you and return the item damged or broken for  a refund,  Unfortunately this is where the dishonesty lies, as the item being returned is in fact not the one you sent them, but one thay have had for a while and somehow damged but don't want to bare the cost of getting a new one or repairing it.

It's sad to say, but be extremely wary of buyers who are extremely interested in your return policy, if selling electrical goods, try get the actual serial number from the machine not  the box, that's one thing extremely hard to change.

Some dishonest buyers will purchase your item, receive it and then return it.   The scam: The item they return is not yours but theirs and is an attempt to upgrade their item for free at your expense. Watch for bidders who are overly interested in your return policy.


Affects the buyer

Unfortunately alot of gorgeous designer items, handbags, clothes, shoes are also extremely pricey, and we are all guilty of trying to find that elusive item at a bargain price. Problem is, if it's a bargain price it's usually a fake.

You can never take a certificate of Authenticity as face value, they are so easy to fake. Some handbags now have special serail number tags in them, as do alot of designer jeans, but copy cats are learning this trick easily.

SOme wording to look out for in auctions of high profile items are : To the best of my knowledge it's an original......,  I think it's an original........, or even where it is coming from, alot of great stuff comes out of China, but alot of fakes do to, the panlties of importing fakes range from fines up to jail, and you as abuyer bare some of that responsibility.

The best bet, if you are not sure, for certain that it's genuine, don't purchase.


Lastly beware for sellers...

A buyer buys a high price item from you, decides it's damaged or broken (but it's not) says they will mail it back C.O.D. you get to the post office, pay for the item only to find you've been mailed a brick, or worse.

Sounds like fiction, unfortunately it's not, it has happened and ends up costing you your money and the item.

Never allow the buyer to send the item back C.O.D. also it's prefferable not to send C.O.D unless you can guarantee they'll pick it up, you will wear those costs too.

In the end, these crooks will keep getting away with it unless you report them to ebays Security and Resolution Centre.

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