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It's Sunday morning and you have nothing to do. Your sick of visiting your friends, sick of visiting all the local shops and really feel like something fullfilling to do as tommorow is Monday and we all know that means work.

Why not try the wonderful world of EBAY. Once you start you cannot stop and the funny thing is you don't need to take or drink anything to get this enormous BUZ.

Are you ready for this total adventure ride which I promise you, once your hooked, you will never be the same again. From this day foward all you will think about is EBAY and all you will talk about is EBAY.


Okay...on your search type in ebay...when the topics come up, click on Ebay. Once the web page comes up, save it in your favourites as this will be the only site you will be visiting for the next month.

Forget about the dishes, house work, maintenance and even getting to work early anymore, you are know in the wonderful world of Ebay.

First thing you do is register as a user. This is the fun part as you get to give yourself a User Name and express yourself a little.You will need to give a Credit Card number for ID but this is OK as it is all safe and millions of people around the world are already miles ahead of you in this wonderful journey.

Now you have your user ID you can buy and sell anything you want. Some people have found ways of making lots of money while having lots of fun. I myself ran a full time business selling second hand items on EBAY which I simply purchased goods from local Garage Sales and Auction Houses and sold them for a substantial profit.

Now, you don't need to be a seller you may choose to simply buy bargains as they come up...this is were my experience and knowledge will help you with these very important tips.

Buy confidently from well established sellers who have good feedback ratings.

Never give your personal details to anyone other than Ebay or a well established seller whom you have just made a purchase from.

Never update any personal information on an email you receive. Updating personal information is only done on a secure site like the Ebay Site.

Never leave bad feedback to a user unless you have tried to resolve it with the seller first.

If you are not happy with giving your bank details to anyone become a member of PAYPAL which is the safest method of paying in my experience.

You will gain more knowledge through experience and research.

I have only ever been ripped of once and have completed over 1000 transactions...It was my silly mistake as the item was too good to be true and the seller had a Bad feedback rating...one you should always avoid...

Now remember you are never alone as there is always people to help you with any problems including EBAY. See you as I have some catching up to do and some bargains to bid on....




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