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Do not buy from this seller. When you first come accross their site, you will notice all these terms that are suppose to protect you, the consumer, but they don't. You will also notice their feedback score and notice that it is acceptable for what it is. However underneath this well explained and well scored store is a crooked con who randomly selects her victims. If she chooses you she will claim to have mailed your item, and if you contact her (erica) is its name, the seller will not reply to any of your messages unless you threaten to take your issue up with ebay/paypal. She will respond as if all is well and tell you that she will re-ship your items and go through the trouble of getting the insurance money from the company she supposedly uses to insure parcels....So after this message, you wait and wait. Nothing comes, so you decide to send her an email about your order, followed by another and another, with no reply...until its too late for you to file a dispute and get your money back.

Some hints...file that dispute as soon as you feel something is wrong and use it as a choke chain to make her give you what you paid for. She uses shoddy tactics to rip you off. I have spoken to others who have been ripped off by scammer as I have, and for me she ripped me off by not fulfilling her end of the contract, taking my money and then getting paid twice by ripping off the insurance company. She will then leave retaliatory feedback and call you a "thief and a Liar" for being a good proactive ebayer . Avoid this heathen from the bowels of new jersey, USA at all costs. There are plenty sellers with better feedback, customer service and are more reputeable.

Some stores I have tried and have had an excellent experience with

Superhero Headquarters - Magnificent, these folks are speedy and have great communication skills, great toy selection. On my first puchase I paid to have my items shipped by express the other ones were shipped by parcel post, they shipped both orders together using parcel post but I was still surprised with the speed of the delivery being about 4-5 days. He explained why they were shipped using parcel post too.

Oziegoods- Another great seller, Received item the day after payment cleared. Great comms. though deals with high end collectibles such as toy soldiers and hot toys. Items are well packed and the delivery was lightning fast.

Yourtoys: I didnt specify the shipping method so it was slow and took 6 weeks(my fault), but the dude is dependable and though my item was covered with plastic shopping bags, IT DID arrive in excellent condition. He is slow to give back feedback but dont worry, he'll get to it.

Awesome Collectibles- The best so far, he answers all questions on almost a daily basis. I met him in person on a number of occassions to pick up my purchases and there could not be a nicer guy. He has 100% feedback in the 600+ range and if there is a certain figure you are looking for, just ask him. Unfortunately he does not list everything on his site, and he mainly deals with the more up market collectibles like hot toys, but just ask him nicely and he'll take care of ya. Selling on Ebay is not his primary job, he is just someone who is like all other collectors, so give the man a break your item will arrive and it will be well packaged. You can not find anyone more helpful, and if you meet Bill, you will have a blast. Great guy.

All the sellers above are proavtive, not reactive. some might not be very quick to get an answer back to you, but they are not like EFAYE at all, they won't ignore you and they will get back to you.

In conclusion. DO NOT BUY FROM EFAYE. Erica is a no good con artist, of the low level, selective kind. If something happens to your order if you don't listen to my warning, make her submit and waste no time filing that claim. Ebay is a good place to find hard to find items, and we dont need sellers of her filthy no good scamming ilk to ruin it for us collectors.

If you wish to buy from the people I have had a good experience with. Just access their store by going through my feedback.

Cheers and happy hunting

I will be updating this with letters and new experiences so check back regularly.
If you have been conned by EFAYE message me and I will put your name in this document so incase she reads this she will know that we will never forget what we went through and hopefully she will change her shoddy business practices and stop ripping people off. If you get burned by her like I did, report it like there is no tomorrow, we don't need her kind stealing our money, taking advantage of collectors.


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