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A lot of people are scared by stats and analysis charts, but these are very simple to use, follow and understand. Knowing what the mean is one thing, but knowing what to do with them - well that's where I hope this guide will help!! OK, so this is only truly relevant if your have a shop on ebay, but it is possible to find out exactly where your shop traffic is coming from.

After selecting Manage my Shop, there is an option tucked away at the bottom left navi-bar marked Traffic Reports. This opens up a third party site called Omniture Site Catalyst.

The first page shows some graphs of visitor numbers to various pages in your store - homepage, about me page etc.

There are at least 3 options depending on your store level - Site Traffic, Finding Methods and Custom Reports - all in light brown at the left side of the screen.

Select Finding Methods, followed by Referring Domains and this will display a chart showing who has directed the traffic to your store. Under the chart is a breakdown of referrers - eBay.co.uk will be at the top by a huge amount, followed by other eBay sites - .com, .ca .au etc. There will also be some other familiar names, such as Google, inside-eBay.net and Goofbay.

Now the clever bit is hidden behind the tiny magnifying glass to the left of the name. Click on this and a pop-up window appears, listing the exact URL of the link through.I have found that there is a Premiership football club discussion forum that has a link to one of my items, courtesy of a satisfied customer. This one comment on his post has got me 22 hits! I can also see the forums where I use a signature line also refer a number of hits through. I have also found a specialist website in the USA that deals in a category that I am currently listing in. Thanks to their affiliate programme with eBay, half a dozen of my listings are now on their homepage - another 70+ unique visits from them, and no cost to me whatsoever! I am now moving more of my appropriate listings to that category for more free exposure!

When I clicked on the eBay.co.uk magnifying glass, the one page on all of eBay that directed most traffic to my site was my mobile phone unlocking review, so far in the last 12 days, it has generated 380 unique hits to my store. Proof if ever it was needed that a popular review does increase traffic!    

Just underneath the Referring Domains option, is a further category - Search Keywords. This clever report shows you all of the keywords that potential buyers used to find your items. Knowing what people are looking for is crucial if you are to sell successfully.

The final particularly useful option is in Custom Reports and marked Most Popular Pages. On one page, this report will show you the most viewed pages in your store - shop front, Feedback, About me etc. It will also show in order your most viewed auctions - saves having to click into each one and view the hit counter!

From this information you will see what people are looking at and compare it to how they are bidding. If 100 people look at the item, but it receives no bids, then it may be time for a description revision. Check your price against the other sellers, and more importantly try to think objectively - would I buy that item? Is there enough or even too much, information? Does the advert look appealing, and does it keep your attention? There must be a reason why so many people are looking, but not bidding.


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