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Complete guide operating and Vaping Ego Ce4 E-cigarette kit.

The eGo-CE4 e-cigarette is new generation of eGo tank e-cigarette with new technology of 1.6ml transparent CE4 Plug clearomiser .CE4 Plus clearomiser is the latest design compatible to work with eGo 510 thread Batteries.

Ego Starter kits should always include ego- 510 thread battery with power capacity ranging from 650,900,1100,1300,1600mah power. Vapsol recommends to get a full day vaping always choose 1100mah and above powered batteries. The kit will have 1.6ml clearomiser tank which connects to the battery, when filled with ejuice the battery powers the atomizer which turns the ejuice in to vapour. The rest of the starter kit basically features usb fast charger and wall charger which helps to recharge your battery at home or on the go! Supplied with zipped carry case it protects and allows the smoker to transport their vaporizer kit safely.


1: Take out the e-liquid bottle lid

3: Unscrew the inhaler tip from the CE4 clearomiser

4: Using an e-liquid bottle or syringe, fill the CE4 clearomiser by inserting e-liquid down the side wall  WARNING  if the e-juice is poured directly in to the middle stem the atomizer it will permanently damage and kill  the clearomiser.

Screw the inhaler tip back onto the CE4 clearomiser (do not screw too tightly).

Screw and connect the eGo CE4 clearomiser with the  eGo battery, then they will be stand-by state

Charging Your Battery

When charging your battery, simply plug the included cable into any USB port.  The small light on the charging port will turn green - this means the charger is receiving power and is ready to charge your e-cigarette battery.  When you are ready, simply screw the battery into the charging port.  The battery light will blink momentarily and if it is charging, the charging port light will turn red, indicating that charging is in progress.  Once the battery has been recharged, the light will again turn green and you are ready to begin use.  If your battery is defective or has some other problem with it the battery will blink red and/or the battery charging port will blink as well. 

The e-cigarette batteries that ship with your kit are lithium ion batteries, similar to the kind found in cell phones, i-Pads and other high-drain consumer devices.  Try not to ever drain your battery completely or leave your battery in an empty state for extended periods of time as this will reduce the lifespan of the device.

All Vapsol starter kit batteries are tested prior to shipping and automatically turned off so once you receive the kit simply  just screw the eGo battery with the USB charger, then plug it allocated   PC or AC-USB Adapter.

The usb fast charger will indicate the battery level once the empty battery is plugged in it will show red color and once the battery is charged it will turn green.(even once the led turns green we highly advise to leave the battery on charge for additional 30 minutes –for first time charge only)

The first charging time should be kept between 1-1.5 hours

Once charged unscrew the battery form the usb charger then connect it to your clearomiser gently.

How To Turn On Your Battery

Each battery should ship in an "off" state.  To turn your battery on or off you must press the battery button five consecutive times in quick succession.  

If your battery was "off", this will turn it on.  If your battery is "on", this will turn it off.  If you carry your battery in your purse, pocket or other enclosed tight space it is recommended that you turn it off to avoid draining your battery power and also burning out yource4 clearomiser.

Click the centre button 5 times to activate your battery

Remember that every time you vape on the battery simply press the centre button as this will allow you to take a drag.

Now you can enjoy your e-cigarette without all the harmful chemicals and watch your bank balance grow !   Thank you for choosing Vapsol Australia !

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