ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Serum REVIEW

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Day 1 - 9/7/2010 - Received Serum, Trialing for SOUP. Serum smells strong and the scent is not attractive. Very strong chemical smell. Brown bottle is quite boring. I prefer coloured bottles. Aqua would be better. Will remove makeup soon and apply serum.

Apply serum - difficult to get out with squeeze - dipped applicator in and used amount on outside of applicator.

Skin feels firm and wrinkles appear flattened. Smooth result.

Day 2 - 10/7/2010 - Apply Serum after cleanser and before moisturiser and makeup. Skin is tight and primed for mineral powder makeup. Skin appears smoother and wrinkles appear less. Night time - remove makeup and apply serum.

Day 3 - 11/7/2010 - Apply Serum after cleanser and staying home today so no makeup or moisturiser. Skin feels firm and smooth.

Day 4 - 12/7/2010 - Apply Serum after cleanser and before moisturiser and makeup. Skin feels smooth and tight and primed for mineral powder makeup.

Day 20 - 29/7/2010 - I have been applying serum for 20 days & nights. Skin feels firm and plumped. Wrinkles are softened. Broken capillaries are lessened. Skin is peeling in places and I have used a facial scrub a few times to get rid of dead skin.

19/8/2010 - I have been using this product both night and day for quite some time. I notice an improvement in skin texture and a wrinkles appear softened.

Price of this item is $105 AUD retail.

I rate this product 8/10 due to the cost of product, the awful smell and the boring brown bottle.

Improvements would come with an improved smell, a less expensive product and an aqua coloured bottle to match the box which is aqua and gold.

Quite a good product however the price is rather high due to it being an Estee Lauder product. You pay for the name, not the product.

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