Easily Remove Bindi's and Prickles in clothing

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Do you go camping a lot?,  Spend too much time bushwalking and find that your self or your very active children are finding hundreds of tiny little prickly bindis all through their clothing?


This can make it impossible to ever be able to  wear these items of clothing again as there can be thousands of prickles,  lets admit it who has the time to pick them all out.


Theres a very simple way and it takes absolutely no effort at all to get rid of nasty prickles.  Soak the item of clothing in a bucket so that the clothing, blanket etc is completly submersed.  You can put a small amount of detergent in it but not too much and dont use a product containing bleach. 

Put it away and make sure it is away from small children or pets such as on a high cupboard or locked away in a room would be best as you dont was a small child/pet falling into the bucket as this may be potentially dangerous.  The reason you need to put it in a safe place is that you want to keep it like this for atleast 2 - 2.5 days.  This means it is also importanat to check after the first day or two that the water is still covering the top of the bucket.

Once the time has elapsed take it out of the water put it into your washing machine and wash as you normally would.  Hang to dry and you will find that your clothing, sleeping bag or blanket contains no tiny splinters or prickles.  The water and small amount of detergent swells the tiny fragments of wood and breaks them down so they easily perish and wash away.

Please though make sure the item isnt left in water too long as may potentially damage the material and sometimes become mouldy etc......Now all those gorgeous clothes you thought you may have to throw away can be worn again or sold on ebay........goodluck

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