Easy Posative Feedback. - FAST-

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Hi there this guide is a simple guide on getting quick posative feedback. Some people are selling posative feedback for $1.00 on ebay or some people might be paying $1.00 for items they think they couldent get cheaper. Well read on.

You might think buying items for a dollar may be the lowest you can get for a feedback but its not some sellers have these cheap auctions that they probably have premium ebay stores or anchor ebay stores to afford these auctions If you search for items that are listed in decending order for Price + Shipping: lowest first you will find auctions that have only minutes left that are going for as less as 1 cents mainly because the seller is trying to get Detailed Selling ratings and feedback for themselves so its an easy way to get feedback for you plus when you find these extreamly cheap auctions they are mostly all "free shipping" worldwide. you can search very popular terms like "Apple" or "Sony" that have auctions going for 1 cents with free shipping and have minutes left although you should look around alot of the international ebay sties to try and find the best range of items to buy for that cheap. Also you normally get your posative feedback from the seller straight after you pay your few cents Thanks for reading my guide.

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